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By James Peters

GENRE: Drama, Thriller

A group of teenage midwestern boys "dig up" an idea to make a lot of money that include rumors, shovels and a graveyard.


In the late 1980's, Jimmy and a few of his friends heard a rumor that a lot of cash (over $100,000) in paper money had been buried at the local neighborhood graveyard. The money isn't detectable by metal detectors, so the only way to find the buried treasure is by doing a little research and with a whole lot of luck. However, Jimmy's father (a police officer) knows a little more than he leads on - but he isn't talking. The boys eventually figure it out by putting clues together, but soon find out that they got more than what they bargained for.

Tim Aucoin

Shouldn't this one be called "Digger"?

James Peters

Close, but they're different in many ways. If you read the logline and the synopsis on both, you'd see how different they really are. Thanks for the comment.

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