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By Janet Lynn Carey

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

When two young men partake in the festivities of Mardi Gras. They bite off more than they chew!


Many years ago Tobias Nicodemus opened a family business in New Orleans. A small mom and pop type diner on one side and a butcher shop on the other. He is long gone now, his two great granddaughters now run it. The building looks out dated for the year 2018. The paint is weathered and the windows need to be replaced. But every day they sell out of the best meat pies in the state of Louisiana.

They still use the same family recipe and win every contest that they enter. How does Scarlet and Delilah beat all of their competition? Maybe it is because they are witches or maybe it is their choice in meat. Every full moon they close up shop and take a trip to the Quarter. They use their special charms attract a few male companions and bring them back home for a night cap. When they have their prey in the heat of passion they strike. When the blood is full of fear it makes the meat oh so tender and sweet.

So remember the next time that you go down to NOLA to partake in the festivities be very careful who you let take you home for the night. Yes, the Sex will be the best that you will every have, but someone else will be licking their fingers.

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