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By Janet Lynn Carey

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

Syrus signed a contract with Satan and now we are all going to pay!


After signing a contract with Satan, Syrus unknowing turns into the very first Vampire. The contract, that Satan named Akashi, is the only way to undo the Vampire curse. This began a War between the Dark and the Light that has lasted thousands of years. Syrus had used his skill as a book binder to make Akashi. This book unleashed a War against God and his beloved humans.

Syrus realizes he was tricked by Satan after ravaging an entire village in search for blood and creating the beginning of a Vampire race. Once Janette was chosen to join the Dark Ones without her consent. Her sister Sandra, must use her powers as a White Witch to break the spell and free her sisters, soul. Now they search for Akashi while on the run for their lives.

Sandra and Janette create a haven, protected by magic, a small town they call Revelation. They gather other lost souls along their journey and recruit others who pledge their loyalties to the Light. Hoping to one day use Akashi and end this horrific nightmare so humans can live life the way God had planned it in the beginning.

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