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By Janet Lynn Carey

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

The dead are everywhere.


Rob Sparks is a Delbert Cable Computer Tech in New Orleans. He doesn’t drive a car, at least not since the accident. His parents had given him a car for graduation and he loved to drive. In 2009, Rob was driving to town with his father when they hit a slick spot on the road. They spun out of control and the car flipped over and landed in a ditch. Thomas was killed on impact. Today Rob rides his bike to work.

He is very close to his mother Joyce Sparks and spends most of his weekends helping her around the house. He has his own apartment thanks to a little help from his mother. His best friend is Evan Wright, who has stuck by his side since seventh grade. Evan is in-between jobs. Evan still lives with his parents. Rob has liked the same girl, Natasha Sanders, since the eighth grade. She is a nail tech at Salon. Natasha’s best friend is Karen Williamson also a nail tech. Natasha likes Rob too. She fines his innocent qualities adorable. Karen thinks that Natasha is wasting her time on Rob.

Rob was riding his bike through the park when he noticed an older woman having a yard sale. He rode over to see what she had for sale. He buys a shoebox full of junk, just to help her out. As soon as he rides off with the shoe box the woman packs up fast and leaves. He finds a pair of black rimmed glasses in the box. Soon he discovers that his new found spectacles have a hidden power within them. Rob is plunged into a world between words and quickly has to decide what kind of man he is. He sees the mystery woman who sold him the glasses a few times. But she somehow gets away from him before he can ask her about the glasses origin.

With the help of Detective Steve Shaw from the Jefferson Parish Police Department they try to solve the untimely deaths of the people that Rob has met on the Other Side. Detective Shaw was demoted to cold cases due to his drinking. He started drinking after he found his pregnant wife murdered in their home five years earlier. Because Rob knows so many details about the deaths that Steve Shaw is investigating he begins to ask more questions than Rob wants to answer. The longer that Rob wears the glasses the more he wants to wear them. He cannot turn away from the people standing on the Other Side because he wants to help them. Deciding to cross over and speak to the dead, he is now torn between what is real and what is not. The question is will he survive his own curiosity or be lost forever.

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