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Actor, animal trainer, stunt performer, and producer in Los Angeles, California

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Matthew "M@tch" Ray was born the son of a FBI cryptologist during the Cold War in our nation's capital. After his father was transferred to The Great White North, Match was cast in a PSA about drunk driving and sparked a fire within.

At an early age he realized he ran to the beat of a different drummer. Finding a knack for sound production, he was his hometown’s youngest sound tech. in their theatre while pursuing theatre and dance throughout middle and high school. During his sophomore year summer break, he packed up a mountain pack and bought a one way ticket out of Alaska, then hitchhiked to LA with $15 bucks and two loaves made into pbj's to start life in the entertainment industry.

After being super-submerged in theater, movement and video finishing his high school years- he jumped immediately into film and got cast in a Disney film after graduating high school. Finding his home on stage, in any form, he finished broadcast school and was installed into two FM Rock shows in LA for almost 5 years- then producing his own show as well as singing at a local coffee house as well with a local HxC band.

M@tch learned at an early age that performing sits well w/his psyche, finding a type of therapy and home on stage. He has always identified with supporting roles by actors that don't have the aquiline image and yet bring a powerful presence to scenes.

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