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About Anatoli


Anatoli starred in a 2-year TV series as a series regular
(2013-2015) called Brusko, that was produced and
broadcasted in Greece. Brusko is getting public attention
worldwide and it was even mentioned by Ellen DeGeneres
in her show. Anatoli is now an actor that the Greek nation is
getting familiar on seeing.
Along with the Pilot "Manifesto", pitched in Major TV networks,
this year may be one of the busiest years for this actress,
bouncing back and forth from Greece to the USA.
Anatoli also has credits in the Film category, such as
from her recent role in 'Know How Film' (First Run Pictures).
'Know How' was released in 2015 in select theaters all
around the USA and it was launched live on PIX 11 (NYC)
in November 2015.
Anatoli took part in a movie called
'Bad Start' (Kaki Arxi) filmed in Greece in 2015 that is
was in the Greek theatres in 2016
Last but not least, Anatoli booked an independent film from the USA which will be filmed in the summer of 2017.

I am a Greek/American actress that grew up in New York. Legal to work in the USA and Europe.
Willing to travel. Please check out my imdb link as well.Thank you

Unique traits: tattoos



  • All Signs

    All Signs (2018)
    Film (Drama) Actress All Signs follows Henry Jacobs, an innocent, aspiring photographer as he follows two call girls across Europe. Engaged to be married to his run of the mill fiancé back in New York City, Henry grows an obsession and curiosity about Eva and Cleo that challenges his notions of sexuality, power, liberation and morality. What Henry catches glimpse of however, is the unexpected power dynamics between the women and their clients, their subliminal influence, mystical powers, the secret, symbolic languages they use, their divinatory knowledge and a large scale international political influence involving an psychotropics, magic and inter-dimensional power games...Or, perhaps, Henry has a wonderful imagination.

  • Bad Start

    Bad Start (2016)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Drama and War) Actress Bad Start is about the story of Vassilis Kessarios, a lonely farmer who is in the verge of losing his house due to his dead father's debt. Kessarios and his friends are also having trouble with a local gang led by a Bulgarian mobster. When time arrives, the opposition with the local gangsters and the government leads to a full throttle escalation in conjunction with a para-state associate, until all parties reach to the final mayhem.

  • Know How

    Know How (2015)
    Film (Drama and Musical) Actress A film about finding hope, written and acted by a group of New York City foster care teenagers from the stories of their lives and directed by first-time director Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza. 'Know How' reveals the dynamic journeys of 5 teenagers confronting the realities of life in and around the NYC foster care system. Using a multi-protagonist structure with songs and music, the narrative film weaves a powerful, eye-opening tale of loss, devastation, struggle, and redemption as each character must learn, must know how, to survive. 'Know How' shines a spotlight on the unseen national crisis that is foster care through the authentic voice and real-life view of those living inside it. Written by Paul Griffin

  • Triangle

    Triangle (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Actress Triangle is a short film inspired by - The Triangle Theory of Love. Would it be easier to find love if we could see our compatibility upon first meeting. Or would fate and chance encounters still play a major role in finding the one. Triangle is told through the events of one mans night out. Written by Anonymous

  • Hemoglobin

    Hemoglobin (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Fantasy and Horror) Actress In a future where humans, zombies and vampires inhabit the earth, peace is hard to come by. A battle weary vampire General tries to leave the fighting behind - but soon learns that the war is everywhere. After he loses his wife to a mysterious band of murderers, he begins a hunt that reveals more than he - or anyone else - expected. Written by Anonymous

  • Brousko

    Brousko (2013)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Actress Achilleas and Melina, both celebrating their bachelor parties, fall in love at first sight. They spend a night together in Athens and then go back to their normal lives. Melina lives in Crete and Achilleas in Cyprus. Without further delay and convinced that they will not see each other again, they both go on with their weddings. But what they don't know, is that fate will bring them together again. Can they resist the temptation and remain faithful to their spouses? Or is their passion stronger than they can ever imagine of?

  • Aleksandr's Price

    Aleksandr's Price (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actress The film follows a young man who is drawn into the dark, sexual underbelly of New York City's gay club scene. Aleksandr (Masó) is a young Russian immigrant alone after the tragic death of his mother. He turns to drugs and renting his body to wealthy men to deal with his loss. Aleksandr finds himself torn apart with a new personality making its way to the surface. Written by Breaking Glass Pictures

  • Ten-Buck Baton

    Ten-Buck Baton (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Follow a $10 bill on a comedic journey during the course of a day and witness the eclectic people it comes across, the hilarious conversations it hears, and the whimsical coincidences and surprises it encounters.

  • Damned If You Do

    Damned If You Do (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress In order to find happiness a quirky therapist seeks the help of her patient. Dr. Billie 'Spin' Porter (Anatoli Grek), 29 is badgered by her mooching brother and pretentious mother to spend less time with her cat and more time with a potential suitor. In a moment of despair she conveniently marries her patient, Robert Abreu (David Carranza), a closeted homosexual who must wed a woman to fulfill his dying father's last request. The newlyweds soon discover their peace is momentary and their fictitious union has consequences. Written by Andrew J. Davis

  • Transit Blues

    Transit Blues (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress After several years of run-ins with all levels of law enforcement in the state of Mississippi, Jeremiah James decided to call it quits and head to New York City with his guitar in search of fame and fortune. A charming but complicated personality, Jeremiah's efforts to forge a successful music career and find a suitable lifestyle are met with opposition from his past, and himself.

  • City Lights

    City Lights (2011)
    Film (Short and Crime) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Reverie

    Reverie (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actress Amidst the cruel and unforgiving city is a man who sees the world as it truly is. Ray, played by Chris Dawson, begins to suffer from nightmares and flashbacks that ultimately affect his grasp on reality. Searching for answers, Ray uninvitedly storms in to the office of Dr Lehman, played by Anatoli Grek, who is the epitome of society's norm. Unwillingly Lehman is forced to listen to Ray, who unveils a deep, dark and troubling mind. During their unconventional session, Ray describes in detail his very disturbing nightmares, which have now transformed into powerful flashbacks of things he's never encountered before. Not only does Ray express his personal views on society and organized religion, but he begins to explain that each of his dreams have a common interest and a tragic ending. While describing one of his nightmares, Lehman discovers something all to familiar about this dream. In a turmoil of emotions, Dr Lehman is confused whether or not Ray is psychotic or something more. She ... Written by Anonymous

  • Circle of Fury

    Circle of Fury (2010)
    Video (Action) Actress Back from Iraq, Johnny Brown discovers that a new war is taking place in the streets of New York. In an attempt to get kids off the streets and instill the discipline he has learned in the Marine Corps, Brown launches a school for Mixed Martial Arts. But when a group of drug pushers try to use his school as a drug laundering business, an all out brawl occurs; pitting Brown against his childhood friend, who is now pursuing a life of crime. Written by Anonymous

  • Alisidoti Exelixi

    Alisidoti Exelixi (2009)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Crime) Actress In a small society in our time, there occurs an event which influences many people, especially the one who caused it. Ektoras is one of the most well known businessmen of the city, father of two girls, Ellie and little Liza. Driving home from an evening out with his friend Tania, he hits a student called Philip. Ektoras panics, thinks of nothing but his daughters and chooses to leave the scene of the accident, believing that with this way he will avoid further trouble. He abandons Philip helpless in the middle of street. His actions may have given him temporary solution, but it was the beginning of a chain of reactions which will have great repercussions on him and others as time passes by. Written by GEORGE VOULGARIS

  • Best Ribs in Town

    Best Ribs in Town (2009)
    Film (Horror) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Stous 31 dromous

    Stous 31 dromous (2007)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress On 31st Street is a modern day "American Dream" story. Christina is a young girl that leaves Greece with the premonition of finding a better life in New York, but instead runs into some misfortune. Paralleling her misfortune, Alex, a young struggling actor has one friend that remains true to him, Irene. Irene has a good heart and in fact is the one that finds Christina. She is the link between these two people's lives. Written by Demitri Demirakos


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