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By Marlena Evangeline

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Other
LOGLINE: Revenge gone well.


THE ACETYLENE WHORES: Road trip/buddy movie. Pages 119 By Marlena Evangeline Copyright. All rights reserved. Log Line: Revenge gone well. Capsule Synopsis: Lola Hodges and Mo Sullivan seem doomed to unhappiness in a small desert town until Lola's anger at her cheating husband prompts Lola to seek revenge by dismantling Charlie’s prize four-wheel drive pick-up truck with an acetylene torch. Lola and Mo begin an adventure of revenge and survival by breaking ties with the small town and joining forces on a road trip across the Southern deserts. Lola discovers that she has the ability to manifest art out of anger, independent of the revenge that spawned it, by dismantling trucks in the late night neon lit parking lots of honky-tonk bars along lonesome desert highways. . . . This sparks the anger of a certain disgruntled cowboy who sets a Sheriff after the girls after they weld him into his camper, and create an abstract sculpture on the hood of his truck before they leave him stranded inside. The girls happily set out for greener pastures, unaware the Sheriff is searching for them, when they meet Edward Paul, an American Indian and carver of totem poles and sometimes shaman, who admires the “steel totems” the girls weld. And it is Edward Paul who provides the means to their escape and salvation. Strong female driven script: a fun dramedy, highly visual. Think a light-hearted Thelma and Louise. Script to Producers only.

Marlena Evangeline

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