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    LOTS OF SCREENPLAYS Action Biography Comedy Crime Experimental Family Fantasy Historical Independent Sports Thriller See My Website:


    LOTS OF LOGS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Experimental Family Fantasy Independent Other Sci-fi Sports See My website: DUMBSTRUCK Rom/Com A handsome politician running for office becomes dumbstruck in the presence of a pretty young assistant in the opposing camp and the opposition decides to use her as their candidate. DOGHOUSE Rom/Com After being dumped by his fiancee, Jake gets a puppy to help him rebound. But one puppy named Pop Tart turns into 24 dogs and a piglet in a small beach shack. Finalist, Virginia Screenwriting Competition LEGACY Drama A successful DC lawyer gets a phone call from his past implicating him in the rape of a young woman at a fraternity at the University of Virginia. ?? NOT JUST ABOUT BILLY Drama Billy is a black high school star quarterback with a college scholarship. A head injury forces him to quit football, but he tries to keep playing behind his mother Ivy's back with the help of his uncle, Jerry, who played pro ball as a linebacker for Atlanta. Jammer Jerry's still trying to keep partying and keep his glory days going -- he often goes into fits of rage and has memory lapses. Ivy puts things together and goes to a high school game and holds up a sign that reads, "FOOTBALL IS HURTING OUR CHILDREN." She's booed out of the stadium but she's started something -- awareness about the dangers of football. The story, however, isn't just about Billy. It's about Jerry, his teammates, his opponents, and it's about us-- the fans who love the sport but who somehow look the other way at a very real and serious threat to the health of the boys and men who play football. Second-rounder, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition Currently finishing novel THE CAKE EATERS Drama Two kids fresh out of college have a rude introduction to the world of NGOs-- aid organizations that provide relief in the third-world. They quickly learn of abuses, corruption, lack of oversite, and aid that never reaches the people who need it-- but worse, their charismatic director and other aid workers are involved with child prostitution which seems to be "allowed" in the chaos of third-world relief. They try to out their leader, but fail because he has such an amazing gift for saving lives. They decide the ends don't justify the means and decide to take things into their own hands, not unlike the proletariats did in the French Revolution. WHEELS Drama/Coming of age Three teens in wheelchairs build a flying machine to try and escape their earthly bonds. Semi-finalist, Nicholl Screenwriting Competition (twice) Finalist, Virginia Screenwriting Competition Quarter-Finalist, Expo Screenwriting Competition THE CIRCLE Psycho-Drama/Thriller (Persona meets Single White Female) Kelli, a working-class young woman in a small Minnesota town, is enlightened by Elisa, a female college professor, who teaches Kelli about the "circle" — the idea that a person can never escape their destiny of repeating the mistakes of their parents — ad infinitum. As the women become friends, Kelli realizes what Elisa is really doing-- trying to pull her into her own strange circle. Kelli has little defense against Elisa and all her knowledge, so Kelli decides to become mute after she reads about Chelone, the female goddess who was cast mute by Zeus. Kelli fights Elisa with her muteness, speaking no words for much of the second act and the entire third act. Will Kelli escape all the circles that are closing in on her? HEARTS IN THE WIND Rom-Com/period Three Southern Belles set out for Atlanta where David Selznick is "searching the South" for the perfect Scarlett O'Hara. Winner, Virginia Screenwriting Competition LAKE GIRL Thriller/Romance During the summer family trip to the lake, an awkward 15-year-old boy is befriended by a beautiful, mysterious young woman. HILLBILLY Action/Drama After a tough mission in Afghanistan, a Marine sees his girlfriend in a porn flick. His buddies find out and he shoots himself in the foot to get stateside. Once back home in West Virginia, he tries to find her, but she's moved to California. He journeys to LA to get her and bring her home to West Virginia. THE GLORY STOMPERS Comedy/Drama/Magical Realism Five residents of a decrepit nursing home make a break for it, steal a van, and go on a cross-country journey to find a cure for Buck's condition. They end up in Mexico at a town where people supposedly live forever. Meanwhile, they're being chased by a bounty hunter. Second-rounder, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition GOOD FORTUNE Rom/Com-Drama Drifter comes into small Minnesota town and gets job as a cook at a lousy Chinese restaurant. He soon falls for owner's beautiful daughter but there's a problem-- he came to town to do a job-- burn the joint down. Things get even more complicated when the fortune cookies start coming true. THE ENTERPRISE MAN Drama/Comedy George works for a car rental company as a driver. He's given the task of driving a convertible Camaro from snowy Milwaukee to Daytona Beach, Florida, where spring break is in full swing. Along the way he picks up a pretty young hitchhiker who has other plans than just making it to Daytona. She and her boyfriend are going to jack George and the Camaro. But what they don't know is George has been in witness protection from the mob for 30 years. They've awoken a sleeping giant, and they'll have to pay big time after they help George settle an old score with a Florida mobster. BANG! BANGKOK! BANG! Drama John just got a big promotion-- he's vice president of Asian operations for a tech company. John journeys to Bangkok with his new boss and makes the mistake of "visiting" a brothel while drunk. When his family joins him a few days later, their rebellious 16-year-old daughter goes missing. The parents fear the worst so John starts searching the brothels to find her. He enlists the services of a seedy investigator and soon, his wife is kidnapped. John learns he can trust no one, and decides to take things into his own hands, He rescues his wife and daughter from a sadistic man who's paid a million dollars to do the unspeakable. The man is John's boss BLINK * TEXAS Action/Drama/Romance James Robert Haskins' hitch in the army is up and he returns home to the faded oil boomtown of Blink, Texas. While repairing the dilapidated car wash his father left him, Jim Bob gets a request for a car wash. One car wash turns into 10 car washes which turns into hundreds. The patrons are women and teenage girls, and the ladies never blink as they watch Jim Bob and his buddies give their cars the "Bob Job." Blink turns to boomtown overnight as copycat carwashes pop up everywhere. But Jim Bob doesn't really care-- all he ever wanted from Blink was Elisa, the girl he left behind when he joined the army. Jim Bob's big challenge is to ride the Nut Job, a ball of steel pulled behind a pickup truck. HIGH MAINTENANCE Rom/Com Roy and Wilbur write water heater manuals for a living at the Funsten Water Heater company. The two Hemingways get a flash of inspiration and set out to write a maintenance guide to -- er, uh-- women. They decide to writer the chapter on Southern women first and journey to Kudzu, Alabama to do some on-site research with a family of uber-high maintenance southern women. Quaterfinalist, Expo Screenwriting Competition CUBE FARM Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comedy-Satire Cube farm denizens (Cubes) in futuristic Cube City try to escape the insidious cube farm, led by Adam, the unwitting leader who rallies the Cubes against the evil forces that control the farm and its atrocities such as Havana omelets, crop dusting, cube finger, etc. Will Adam and the Cubes ever escape the farm? Quarterfinalist, Expo Screenwriting competition EAT! Comedy/Fantasy Irving Roach is just another lonely loser until he gets slimed by a strange frog. Irving discovers he has a unique talent: he can EAT-- a lot. Irving goes on a competitive eating road trip trying to qualify for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest so he can woo Penny, the beautiful Nathan's girl. But Penny is in love with Dick Prickley, ten-time Nathan’s winner and driver of the Nathan's Wienermobile. ROB & ED AND KAREN & ALICIA Rom/Com/Satire (Take off on 60's classic, BOB & CAROL AND TED & ALICE.) Karen and Rob get snowbound in the Minneapolis airport and are rescued by Karen's ex, Rob. Back at Rob's house in the woods and even more snowbound, they line up in a post modern kind of way: Rob and Ed--Karen and Alicia. But as the snow melts, there's a realignment in the master bed that sets things straight. DEEP SOUTH Drama/Mystery Young Southerner begins having visions of his ancestors deeds and returns home to try and resolve the mystery. Play version won Univ. of Alabama writing competition ONE LITTLE INDIAN Drama/Action An old Indian chief walks into the New York Stock Exchange and sits in the middle of the trading floor. What's he want? Manhattan. Finalist in Chesterfield Screenwriting Competition MISSISSIPPI PEARL Comedy/Drama Shade and her white boyfriend, Ray, who thinks he's a blues expert, return to Mississippi to try and get Shade's mother, Pearl, out of her shotgun shack that a riverboat casino wants to demolish so they can build a casino. Play version won “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’” Dramas competition, Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

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