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By Danny Manus

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The Following is a SAMPLE QUERY LETTER for people looking for examples. This is one I have done for my clients, who scored meetings with reps and producers from this query...



We are Allie and Liz ______, a sister writing team and Page Award semi-finalists. We’ve written a new period action/thriller, “In The Water,” based on the harrowing true story of the greatest naval disaster in history, the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

Logline: After their ship is torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese sub, a fleet of men must survive the perils of the water including deadly sharks, starvation and their own insanity as they wait for a rescue that may never come.

An ultimate tale of survival, “In The Water” follows the heart-breaking journey of the Indy’s crew: an overwhelmed doctor desperate to save as many as possible, a green officer who’s in over his head, a hard-nosed Marine determined to keep the peace, and a pair of best-friends supporting one another as they drift alone at sea.

Each day that passes brings with it greater suffering and more death. As the sharks swarm and their hopes fade, each man comes to realize that the greatest battle he will ever face is his own inner struggle for survival. It’s Alive meets Open Water.

If you’d like to read “In The Water,” please contact us at _________. Thanks for your consideration.






Chris Sommella

good info here man, thanks. i know it's a sample, but you have a spot for logline at the top as well as in the body. Is the one at the top supposed to be there, as well? And do you generally put that header up top (sans "query sample")?

Danny Manus

the LOGLINE at the top is because I posted it in the Logline section on stage 32. I didn't know where else to put it. I cant delete it. But it's not in the real letter.

Danny Manus

No, I just listed that header for people reading it so they know it's not MY project, but rather a sample query letter.

Eric Alagan

Useful - thank you :-)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

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Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Danny, is this something one would mail to a Management company or an Agent or a Producer?

David Whelan

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Teresa Barber

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Barry A.A. Dillinger

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D. E. Jackson

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Gustavo Sampaio

Do you send this in an email? If so, what do you put on the subject line?

Nathaniel Baker

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Rosemary Zibart

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Rosemary Zibart

Actually I feel like this would be good for a pitch to. I’ve been struggling with writing a pitch but this combines just enough of the stories drama with what happens to make it exciting

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