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By Jeff Yates

GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Two lonely adults – a workaholic showrunner and a down on her luck actress – develop a curiously strong bond after spending a fateful night together. This Hollywood dramedy playfully considers the issues of adult loneliness, career satisfaction, and friendship building.


Richard and Corina are at very different points in their professional and personal lives, but are both searching for something. Fate brings them together and a very authentic and nuanced relationship unfolds.

RICHARD (42) is a successful former show runner. His recently ended popular show can best be summarized as a Sci-Fi soap opera. Most of his friends have gotten married or moved away and, now, in-between shows, this workaholic finds himself with ample free time and no one to spend it with – sitting all alone in his Malibu home, staring at the computer screen, trying to come up with another hit.

CORINA (37) is an Australian actress who enjoyed a starring role on a popular fantasy/adventure series in her twenties and early thirties, but has had a hard time landing roles in recent years. She has fallen upon financial hard times and feels alone – her family is overseas and while she has hundreds of industry acquaintances, she has no close friends.

As Richard finds himself increasingly isolated without his work family, Corina has to say goodbye to her sister who was visiting from Australia – which serves to amplify her lonely condition in LA. The two meet by chance at one of her auditions and later attend a dreary industry event together. After a failed romantic interlude, Corina is felled by a sudden stroke. At the hospital she recovers but has lingering paralysis of face and leg. Richard comes to discover that she has no one to care for her during her convalescence and he assumes the role, helping Corina and her little dog move into his Malibu home.

The two come to spend time together as Richard tries to come up with a spin-off to his successful Sci-Fi series. As Corina's condition improves she helps Richard develop his new series and they both seek to improve connections with distant family and make new friends. Corina becomes more financially and physically independent and Richard begins to worry that she won’t need him anymore. He tries to push the relationship to a romantic level, but Corina resists – she’s had bad luck in romantic relationships in the past and doesn’t want to ever lose Richard as her best friend. In the end, they both must lay their cards on the table and find comfort and meaning in their curious but deep relationship.


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