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By Jeff Yates

GENRE: Comedy

Buddy and his friends are little dog owners who really just need some coffee and some space ... and maybe a little sex once in a while.


Little Dogs is a sitcom pilot that is in the vein of "The League," "Seinfeld," and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

In the pilot we meet very average Buddy (35), and his fellow little dog owners. His couch surfing pal Bo (32) has opened yet another odd business - this one a 'fertil-assage' spa - where gentlemen who are trying to conceive go to get 'help' in producing fertility samples. But Buddy has his own issues to deal with - everyone seems convinced that he has begun to smell like his retired father. Further, his father and stepmother are visiting from out of town and it appears that his father has become a serial masturbator - doing it anywhere, anytime. He must be stopped. Meanwhile, Bo and yuppie friend Dusty (35) debate the distinction between 'ass-less' and 'assed' cowboy chaps.

Here's some coverage I received:


"LITTLE DOGS has a unique premise that could be developed further into a very cool series."

"The author clearly has a good handle on humor, and has established quirky characters that have the potential to be highly engaging."

"...the script has some great characters and character dynamics. Bo, the owner of a massage spa, in particular is a standout character with some great comedic lines. The character of Daisy would also be a great breakout role for a 30-something actress. The potential for romance between Bo and Daisy is something that would keep and audience coming back week after week."


"The first thing that pops out to me in describing this script is that is was a really fun and entertaining read. We have some incredible characters that are surprisingly endearing, in a crude sort of way, and really bring the scenes to life."

"The dialogue is quick and witty. The scenes are outrageous but fit the mood. There’s not more you can ask for."

"All in all, I really like a lot here… More than that, actually, I love this idea and the characters."


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