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By Jeff Yates

GENRE: Drama, Sci-fi

In 2030, the world's largest corporation has perfected faster than light transport technology and used it to reach and explore Tellus, a distant planet capable of supporting human life. But in a world in which politics and power rule the day, such groundbreaking discoveries are going to lead to conflict.


In 2020 NASA discovers and collects data on Tellus, a distant planet believed capable of sustaining human life. A decade later, as scientists race to gain information on Tellus, the world's largest corporation, Janex, makes a stunning announcement ? it's perfected a faster than light propulsion technology allowing them to land on Tellus. They've reportedly begun exporting Tellus resources to earth. Scientists are shocked and dismiss it as a hoax until Janex takes a team of scientists to visit Tellus. So begins the negotiation between Janex and world leaders over the future of life as we know it.

Janex is headed by Barbara Janexia whose late husband, a prominent but secretive scientist, orchestrated the Telus project. Her son Jared is her right hand and relentlessly promotes Janex's power. Daughter Audrey channels her late father's scientific curiosity and brilliance, while her son Nick mainly enjoys the high life. Janex allows a documentary film team to document its journey, providing unparalleled access to its discoveries and company machinations. However, Janex retains control over what information is made public.

U.S. President Hector Costas has much at stake in relations with Janex, as they helped put him in office and their faster than light technology has significant economic and military implications ? not to mention the matter of dividing the spoils of Tellus. Finaly, scientists have been unable to come even close to replicating Janex's technology ? the mystery remains as to how they were able to bypass existing technology by decades, perhaps even centuries. How did this happen?


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