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By Jeff Yates

GENRE: Action, Comedy, Sci-fi

History's most famous military leaders are brought to a maniacal billionaire's island through time travel technology to lead warrior teams in a battle to the death tournament to decide who is the world's greatest warrior.


This action/adventue/Sci-Fi is In the vein of "Hunger Games" & "Looper". Please see Black List coverage at end.

Tom, a military history professor wannabe, reconnects with his ex-girlfriend, Stacy, who researches time manipulation technology at Cal Tech. But later Tom is kidnapped to a remote island by Woodward - a maniacal billionaire who needs Tom's expertise to document the battle to the death tournaments he holds on the island.

The tournaments feature the greatest military leaders of all time - who lead their warrior teams in battle to determine history's greatest warriors. They are 'acquired' by Tom's genius friend, Brandon, who worked at Cal Tech with Stacy before Woodward kidnapped him. The warriors Brandon has 'snatched' with time manipulation technology include General George Patton, Joan of Arc, and Genghis Khan, among others.

On the island, Tom faces a dilemma - he lives like a king in a tropical paradise, but he's also part of fight to the death battles - and he can't escape. After documenting a very bloody battle, Tom refuses to cooperate even if it means death. But Woodward kidnaps Stacy - Tom will continue or she dies.

Tom, Brandon & Stacy plot to overthrow Woodward & his armed guards. They enlist the help of Patton & Joan of Arc's teams. After an epic final battle with Woodward and the guards, Tom and his small army vanquish their foes and are free.

BL coverage: "The script is entertaining, well-plotted with funny character dialogue and visceral action writing. ... Has potential to appeal to a mainstream action-adventure audience." & "The idea of seeing the greatest warriors in history duke it out in a winner-takes-all battle is fantastic. The concept allows for a lot of great action, and a lot of great "fish out of water" moments (which the script delivers in spades). The battle scenes are fun, imaginative, and very clearly described. The script also has some delightfully humorous moments."


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Michael Matasci

Found it very entertaining, well written, and with an interesting concept. Also liked the ending. Will make a great action/sci-fi, comedy film

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