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By Sean Crayne

GENRE: Drama

Based on a True Story: Abused as a child, Bethany Walters must now choose between remaining in touch with her children or, abandoning them forever and becoming her abusive mother.


Bethany Walters is looking for a way to tell her story but she wants to tell someone that doesn't know her personally. She calls Dr. Andrews a therapist and schedules a two hour time slot.

She proceeds to tell him everything she can remember. She tells him stories of her abuse, her multiple marriages (due to her husbands cheating on her), her children, her fathers death, and her deepest fears. Through the telling of the story she slowly discovers something she had never fully grasped before, she was becoming the one person she absolutely despised, her abusive and estranged mother.

In the end an event finally pushes her over the edge and she decides that she is going to start over on her own. But, the thoughts still linger, and she must confront the one person she has feared. She must face that person even though they rest in a casket. Will she be able to forgive them? Will she be able to remain in touch with her children or will the cycle continue?


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Michael Hager

I think it needs to be clearer; I'm confused about "become her mother" (and a single sentence as well)... We'll work on it!

Michael Hager

Maybe something like this: Abused in childhood, a young mother must now choose between remaining with her children or, like her own mother before her, abandoning her kids forever.

Sean Crayne

I like that a lot, Michael!

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