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By Jazmen Darnell Brown

GENRE: Drama, Independent, Romance

A devout Christian teenager falls for a Muslim drug addict in recovery against her strict father's wishes and has to choose between following her family's faith and following her heart.

Jazmen Darnell Brown

This is a script I wrote a long time ago. Had a meeting recently where I pitched it and they seemed somewhat intrigued. Thinking of going back and updating it. Please, let me know what you think.

Boomer Murrhee

First I was confused on who "her", was, after reading several times, the "her" ,must be the devout Christian teenager. My next concern was to figure out what is the choice from following her family or her faith? Is her faith saying she must fall for this Muslim drug addict? I can see where going with the boy is against the family? I'm having some difficulty seeing how her faith is saying she must fall for this Muslim drug addict. Please don't misinterpret my observations. I think this subject matter is fascinating and has many possibilities. I'm just wondering if you were pitching this to a producer, would they have similar problems following the logline?

Jazmen Darnell Brown

No problems. Thanks Boomer. This is an old logline, so workshopping is the reason I posted it. It's her faith becomes she's becoming more of an open-minded person than her family wants her to be. Adjusting now.

J Tom Field

Against her strict father's wishes, a devout Christian teen falls for a Muslim in substance abuse recovery and she must choose between her family and their faith, and her own heart. Just took your words and rearranged a bit. Think it's a little more clear.

Jazmen Darnell Brown

Thanks John. Gonna try it and see how it does.

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