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By Jazmen Darnell Brown

GENRE: Comedy, Family

A 15-year old mayor receives pen pal letters from influential kids throughout history that help him solve the problems of his town.


CODY SMALLS, an over-achieving fifteen year old finds a magic pen sent from the future that allows him to send pen pal letters to influential kids in history. With the goal of changing the world, Cody runs for mayor and unseats the popular and terrifying incumbent, Ms. Francine Jaxx. As mayor, Cody is constantly underestimated by his older colleges and tested by Jaxx’s schemes to win her mayorship back. However, with challenges comes learning opportunities. With each problem Cody faces, he gets help from his various pen pals who share the advice that helped them rewrite history. It’s up to Cody to interpret their advice and apply it to his situation in order to solve the problems of Plessy.

Jazmen Darnell Brown

Looking for thoughts and comments on my log lines. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi

I like all three of your loglines. I Just suggest you rephrase this one as "influential kids throughout history..."

Art Thomas

Great concept. I would be interested in schedule a time to talk.

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