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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: An atheistic archeologist discovers the Garden of Eden, and revives Adam and Eve.


JEFF is a lush and a letch and a world class archeologist who nominally teaches at Skyte University in between digs, and drives his boss to drink and his co-eds to bed -- at least the better looking ones. Then one day Jeff gets the assignment of a lifetime -- or maybe just a wild goose chase. GIL BATES, a software billionaire, tells Jeff that he has proof that the one and only, original, certified Garden of Eden is located near Moscow Oregon and he wants to pay Jeff a fool's ransom to dig it up. Jeff is no fool, but he's glad to take the ransom and he goes to work. Jeff hits pay dirt, finding not just the Garden of Eden, but the perfectly preserved body of a stunningly handsome black man, who miraculously comes to life and proclaims that he's Adam… yeah, that Adam! Billionaire Bates swoops down and flies Adam and Jeff, with whom Adam has already formed a bond, to the big Apple and just like the other apple it soon proves Adam's downfall as he succumbs to superstardom, his identify revealed and whatever innocence he may have possessed ripped away from him. Meanwhile, back at the Garden site, another body, overlooked by Jeff and his team, comes to life as well: a stunningly beautiful Amazon… Eve. She begins a journey that takes her to New York only to find that Adam is far more interested in the nightlife than in reuniting with the First Lady. Jeff is okay with that, because he's fallen madly in love with the Original Blond Bombshell. Jeff then makes a startling discovery while studying hieroglyphs found at the dig: the fate of mankind depends on Adam and Eve leading humanity back to the Garden of Eden. The problem is that Adam's too horny and happy to want to lead anything except his penis to another in an endless line of super hot women wanting a piece of the First Article. SATAN is manipulating unknown to Jeff, Billionaire Gates in human guise and their job is to make sure Adam disappears, quietly or not. Jeff and Eve somehow battle their way past Bates and Satan to Adam and convince the fame-and-poontang-addled First Man to join them as they lead a million naked New Yorkers to the Garden of Eden which appears miraculously in an abandoned field on the edge of the city. Jeff is unable to join them, but as he watches a chosen few disappear into the Garden, he at least knows that it exists and is waiting for him, when the time is right.

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