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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Independent
LOGLINE: A beautiful reporter becomes fascinated by a brilliant but grotesquely disfigured, small-town man who may have won the biggest lottery in history.


KEVIN is a big, strong, brilliant, cultured, educated, funny, kindhearted man… with a horribly disfigured face, the result of a childhood illness. Kevin is a great novelist, but insists to his agent's frustration on turning out what one critic calls: "the most brilliant boredom ever written." So Kevin supplements his meager literary income with a job at the local library. He lives with JACKIE, a horribly deformed burn victim with a Miss Universe body, and FRANK, confined to a wheelchair by MS. Jackie runs a coffee shop and dreams of being a famous singer and Frank, in love with Jackie, spends most of his time taking potshots at Kevin, because Jackie has eyes only for Kevin, who loves Jackie back… as a friend. The friends struggle along in the quaint little town of Manville, until one day someone in town wins the biggest prize in history -- a billion dollar tax-free Canadian lottery jackpot. Reporters from around the world descend on Manville, but the winner stays hidden. Lottery officials create a short list, and Kevin's on it, but he simply asks: "Do I look like the kind of guy who has a billion dollars drop in his lap?" Tension mounts. A beautiful Canadian reporter, CRYSTAL becomes fascinated by Kevin despite his every attempt to push her away. Jackie becomes crazed with jealousy, and Frank becomes increasingly bitter over Jackie’s feelings for Kevin. Kevin, feeling guilty about Jackie's feeling for him, pulls out a mainstream novel he'd written but never submitted, and sends it to his long-suffering agent, intending to use the profits to pay for surgery for Jackie's disfigured face. Jackie is furious that Kevin apparently needs to "fix" her before he can love her. A rape. A mugging. A romantic evening gone horribly wrong. And finally the reporters drift away from the "billion dollar town" against a backdrop of lost friendships, failed love and lives changed forever. Months later, the one-year deadline for claiming the prize approaches and Crystal returns, along with the other media. She learns that Jackie and Frank are now together, their own unique little family, and she finds Kevin, but he gently turns her away, remembering the evening that went so wrong a year before. Kevin goes to Jackie and admits that he won the prize and intends to claim it. He then reveals that he's having an operation for his disfigured face. He again offers to pay for her to have an operation too and she just shakes her head. "I was willing to accept you as you are," she reminds him. "I know," he responds. "I was an asshole." She smiles. "Yeah," she says gently, "you were." He hesitates, then pulls her across the counter and plants a huge kiss on her pale, scarred lips, then turns and leaves. She watches him go, tears streaming down her scarred face.


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