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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
LOGLINE: A dying old man gets a new lease on life when he's bitten by a vampire, but then discovers the true cost of the "gift."


GEORGE, in his seventies, riddled with cancer, lives in a seniors community in Hammville, and asks only to live long enough to be there for his wife VERYL, also dying of cancer. George hasn't told Veryl about his own illness, and after spending their savings on her treatment, he has to go back to work, as a greeter at Wal-Mart. George is careful to be positive in front of Jill, but wonders if things can get much worse. They can. A series of home invasion robberies and killings in neighboring towns have residents of Hammville worried. Rightfully so. One night while George is home alone, a motorcycle gang breaks in and brutally beats George while they rip through his house. Then the bikers part to let their leader through -- a vampire named KHOREN, using the bikers to do his bidding so that he can walk in and take his prey at his leisure. Khoren attacks George but stops, realizing the old man resembles his father who he'd killed hundreds of years before. Khoren bites George but doesn't kill the old man, believing he's too weak to survive anyway. But George does survive. In the hospital doctors are puzzled as the old man, in a coma, gains weight, his muscle tone and skin toughness increasing so that hypodermic needles break. George wakes up in the night to discover he is not just supernaturally strong, but blazingly fast -- and thirsty. He resists attacking other patients, but devours a blood bag before racing into the woods, where he kills a grizzly, his scream reverberating through the forest. George returns home and ravishes Veryl, his vampire hunger extending to sexual appetites as well. A security guard bullies one of the elderly residents and George attacks the huge, young man. George is arrested. While in jail he reads the mind of a fellow inmate, a pedophile and child killer. George mesmerizes his jailers into releasing him and the pedophile, who he kills, but not before Khoren speak through the predator, promising to kill George. Khoren kills George’s daughter. George kills several of the bikers. Veryl, her disease and her daughter's death pushing her to edge of death as well, knows George plans to go after the much stronger Khoren, and convinces her husband to make her a vampire too so she can seek vengeance against Khoren. Khoren attacks the retirement community, turning several of the residents into vampires who attack the rest of the community while Khoren watches in amusement. George and Veryl battle the other senior vampires, then hunt down and kill Khoren and the remaining bikers in a brutal battle. Then, knowing they will become monsters like him, they declare their love for each other and walk into the sunrise.


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Eoin O'Sullivan

Great idea for a twist on the vampire genre - the title seems a little, hokey though, more comedic IMO - maybe something with edge to it . . .

Rob Tobin
@Eoin O'Sullivan

Good call, Eoin -- the title has been a blessing and a curse. It gets attention, a chuckle, even requests for the script, but it's not indicative of the script's genre which is dramatic horror, not comedy. Titles come and go. If you like the script, and think you can produce it, let me know, you can personally name it, lol.

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