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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance
LOGLINE: A mentally challenged, small-town man is chosen by fairies to save them from a coldhearted developer who wants to destroy their forest home.


HANK, a mentally challenged young man, lives with his mother DIANE and works at a grocery store with SHELLEY, who loves and protects him. Hank is obsessed with JILLY who dates BURT, thuggish son of greedy millionaire SCOTT RICHARDS. When Burt publically humiliates Hank, Jilly breaks up with him, making Burt even meaner. Richards pressures the financially strapped townsfolk into selling their homes to him cheap so he can build a resort. Diane and boyfriend LARRY POLANSKI protest. Richards’ plans include destroying the forest around the town. After Burt attacks Jilly, Hank and Shelly, Hank and Shelly encounter a beautiful fairy, Crystal, who explains to a tortured Hank that he’s not “broken” but rather caught between the fairy and human worlds, and that only he can prevent Richards from destroying the town and the fairies’ forest home. Hank lets Crystal place healing hands on him and Hank slips into unconsciousness as his mother and Shelly tend to him. When he awakes, Hank is mentally whole. Diane explains that Hank’s father was a fairy who died in a mysterious hunting accident. Hank keeps his word to Crystal and tries to convince Richards to leave the fairies’ forest home alone, but Burt attacks him once again. Hank uses his fairy powers to subdue the bully. Richards turns the town against Hank and reveals that he killed Hank’s father out of jealousy, having been in love with Diane. Hank is barely able to refrain from killing Richards. Instead, he, Crystal, Shelly and Diane convince the townsfolk to stand with the fairies against Richards and his earth moving machines that have started destroying the fairies’ forest. In the process, Hank learns that Shelly is also a fairy who gave up her fairy power when she fell in love with Hank, for fairies who fall in love with humans lose their power unless that human loves them back. Hank, now whole, recognizes Shelly’s love and returns it, freeing her. Hank and the others stop Richards then help him and Burt, tortured souls trapped in a life of hatred, to gently leave the prison of their bodies so that they can return to life with pure hearts and begin anew. Hank and the fairies rejuvenate the forest into a beautiful new magical garden home for the fairies and townsfolk. Hank looks out onto the mystical garden and explains that: “Everything is God, and this life of pain and loss is only an illusion inside of which we play, like a house of mirrors. Fairies aren't monsters, they're human beings who’ve left the house of mirrors behind and stepped back into the garden.” “So the Garden of Eden,” a human girl asks. “Isn’t a memory,” Hank replies, “it’s a promise.”

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