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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A woman wakes up with the power to make bad things and people disappear… and she doesn’t know where to stop.


One day, Los Angeles resident DIANE RAINIER wakes up with the power to make things disappear. Stunned, she drives to work, trying to understand what has happened as her car radio plays a news report of another in a series of rape victims being found dead in an alley in downtown L.A. Once she learns how to control her new power, Diane begins using it to make bad people disappear, bad people like the serial rapist. She begins with gang bangers, then tobacco company executives, arms manufacturers and others. She makes entire houses disappear, trying to spare human lives but not always succeeding. Homeland Security Director RUSS PORTER hears about Diane’s mysterious “Made Gone” attacks and realizes it’s a “quantum event,” an event his scientific consultants had warned him would eventually happen and perhaps already had: supposed miracles reported in the Bible and other historical documents. Diane expands her “made gone” attacks and Porter ramps up his efforts to stop her, but she’s always a step ahead as her powers expand to teleportation, and mind reading. Finally it’s all out war: Diane making military bases and missile silos disappear here and abroad, and Porter mobilizing every military asset to try to kill her, but she makes everything disappear including even flights of military planes sent to blow her to oblivion. Diane makes a visit to her childhood house and after accusing her stepfather of rape and her mother of not stopping it; she makes them disappear, then falls to her knees, sobbing. She knows what her next step has to be. Standing atop the Empire State Building, she closes her eyes and senses the evil in millions of people. She sends out a wave of energy that makes evil people disappear in New York City, in New York state, the country and finally globally. Her job done, Diane makes herself disappear. Suddenly we’re standing in an alley in downtown Los Angeles. Diane lies, raped, nearly dead on the ground. A rapist is zipping up his pants while his cronies stand smirking nearby. Diane, knowing she was dying, had spun a story of revenge and justice in her mind, and then her eyes close. Forever.

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