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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: What happens when you switch bodies… and you can’t switch back? Ever.


Brilliant Jack, super cool Scott and irresistible Annie have been inseparable since the playground, Jack in love with Annie, Annie with Scott. At seventeen, prodigies Jack and Scott graduate in electrical engineering from MIT, Scott with a B.A, and Jack with a doctorate. Then Jack lets slip that Scott is cheating on Annie. Annie turns to Jack for support. Ten years later, Jack and Annie are still married, Jack owns Avenging, a large electronics company, and Scott is going bankrupt -- again. Scott blames Jack for telling Annie about his cheating, and when Jack tries to help financially, Scott shouts, "I don't want your money, Jack, I want your life!" That night, while Jack is making love with Annie, and Scott is in his over-mortgaged mansion screwing a hooker, the men switch bodies -- and Scott refuses to switch back! Jack assaults Scott and is dragged away, screaming "He stole my body!" Jack spends ten years in a mental hospital. When he's released, he's tough and bitter. Sam still refuses to switch back, and Jack partners with Sam, a brilliant neurosurgeon who owns a medical electronics company. Jack turns Sam's company into a serious competitor for Lavengin. Jack is wealthy and successful again, and in love with Sam's daughter Jane. When Jack proposes to Jane, she senses something in his past he needs to deal with. Sam, knowing about the switch, tells Jack he must choose between Annie and Jane -- and revenge. Jack confronts Annie, who rebuffs him. Jack clashes with Scott, who decides to destroy Jack and Sam's company. Jack tells Sam he's developed a revolutionary electronics that would make Lavengin obsolete overnight. Sam warns it would also disrupt the electronics industry and hurt hundreds of thousands of people. They decide to do a careful, controlled release of the new technology through a major company -- a company like Lavengin. Jack and Sam circumvent Scott and demonstrate the technology to Lavengin shareholders. Scott intervenes, pointing out that Jack is legally insane, but Jack wins the day. Scott collapses, suffering from a neurological condition in Jack's old body. Jack saves Scott with a device he created to save himself before the switch. Annie reveals she knows about the switch, but that she's in love with Scott anyway. Jack releases her and returns to Jane, who also knows the truth. "Don't you want one more look back at her," Jane asks, referring to Annie. Jack kisses Jane. "I'm done with looking back. How about we go ring shopping?" "Won't that be bigamy," Jane asks. Jack laughs. "I don't think they can prove that," he says, takes her hand and turns to face the rest of his new life.

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