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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Drama, Independent, Music, Romance
LOGLINE: Two estranged daughters of an abusive father meet for his funeral to try to resolve the anger they feel toward him and each other.


KENI wakes up in bed… naked… with her boyfriend LARRY… and another naked woman. Horrified, Keni, hung over, staggers into the shower. She closes her eyes as the water caress her face, vowing to stop drinking, then opens her eyes to find the other woman in the shower with her. The woman makes love to the shocked, non-lesbian Keni, then leaves the shower to return to bed… with Larry. As Keni flees the apartment, she hears the other woman trying to rouse Larry -- in more ways than one. Larry responds by throwing up over the side of the bed. Keni works as a waitress and has a beautiful blues voice, but her singing career consists of auditions at which she freezes and flees. Today is no different, and she runs from the theater without singing a note, all the way to her safe waitressing job. She receives a call from her long-estranged sister CHRISTIE, a successful opera singer, who reveals their father has died and she wants Keni to meet her at the funeral home. Keni refuses, thinking of her father, a failed singer and drunk, spending his last years on the Third Street Promenade, singing for dollar bills, dragging his daughters along. Keni meets a film producer, BITSY, in the restaurant. The women hit it off and Keni reveals she doesn't want to return to her apartment. Bitsy offers Keni a room in her condo until she can find a new place. Keni discovers Bitsy is attracted to her but Keni is still trying to adjust to her first lesbian encounter. Christie keeps calling, forcing Keni to relive the sexual abuse she'd suffered from him, having cooperated with it because her father had promised to leave Christie alone if Keni cooperated. Keni cracks and comes home drunk, dragging a man with her, and Bitsy kicks her out. Keni sleeps in her car and the next day, hung over, goes to the funeral home. She discovers her father had molested Christie too, telling her he'd leave Keni alone if Christie cooperated. Christie then reveals that during their years of estrangement, she'd lived a life of drugs and sex and contracted AIDS. But somehow Christie has found peace, a singing career and even a husband she met while both were undergoing AIDS treatment. Christie convinces Keni to do the unthinkable: forgive their father, not for his sake, but for Keni’s. Keni finds the strength to let go of a lifetime of hate, admits her love for Bitsy and then goes to the Third Street Promenade and finds Christie already there. The sisters step onto the spot occupied by their father so many years before, and slowly their beautiful voices rise above the crowds, above the other street performers and above their past.

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