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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Sports
LOGLINE: A billionaire widower trying to cope with his grief by obsessively riding his exercise bicycle is invited to compete in the Tour de France.


AARON is a silicon-valley billionaire, owner of a beautiful little winery in Sonoma, California, and life should be wonderful. But it isn't. Three years before, Aaron watched his wife fatally run down by a car while they were all out cycling. Aaron sold everything he owned except for the winery and retired there, buying the most expensive stationery training bikes in the world and spent the next three years peddling obsessively hour after hour, day after day, year after year, vainly trying to catch up to his wife in time to save her. JANE is the world's female cycling champion. She's endlessly bitter about the sexism in sports in general, but especially about the particular form that misogyny takes in her sport: women aren’t allowed to ride in the Tour de France. One day she visits a bike manufacturing plant as part of a promotion she'd doing for them, and is shown the March III, the most advanced off-road training cycle in the world -- ultra realistic and virtually indestructible -- no-one, not even world-class cyclists, can wear these babies out… except for this one guy in Sonoma California who goes through them like tissues. Jane meets Aaron and sees realizes his obsessive riding over the past three years have turned him into a cycling freak, with endurance and strength the like of which she's never seen. So she makes him a proposition: he provides the millions needed to finance a team for the Tour de France and she'll train him and the team to compete -- and win. It will be her ultimate revenge -- to train a complete neophyte to win the oh-so-prestigious race, the race that won't let her compete in it. Jane falls in love with Aaron but he doesn't reciprocate. Each night after hours of training with Jane and a team of world-class cyclists she brings over from Europe, he settles in for a nightly chat… with his dead wife LESLIE. It's tough to compete with a memory, especially one that insists on showing up every night. Aaron finds a new release for his sorrow and excels even beyond Jane’s expectations. Then the day comes -- the beginning of the Tour, and what lies ahead is so much greater than just pain, spills, injuries, sabotage, revenge and the single greatest athletic event on Earth.

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