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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
LOGLINE: An extreme sports Gen-X process server, who never quite grew up, is framed for murder and must use his Xtreme skills to find the real killer – a terrorist with a nuclear bomb and a ticket to the world’s largest theme park.


SCOTT is an L.A. wild child in his late 20s and way too old for roller blading… and mountain climbing… and base jumping… but he uses his extreme sports skills to their fullest at his job: Scott's a freelance process server -- the best -- and he always gets his man… unless his man gets him first. Scott is hired to track down and serves a delinquent dad. Scott finds his man about to be taken into custody by two FBI AGENTS. Shots ring out, serving death instead of a summons, and all three men -- Scott 's man and the two Feds, are instantly killed. As more shots ring out, the unseen sniper now trying to kill Scott as well, Scott escapes, saving Beth, an innocent bystander, in the process. But Jack soon discovers that he and VALERIE, a beautiful woman in her 40s, have been framed for the murder of all three men. Now they are being hunted by the cops, a really pissed off FBI, and the unknown sniper. Scott has to track down the real killer in order to clear his name. In the process he realizes he's falling for the older Valerie and that the real killer is a domestic terrorist. The man Scott had been hired to serve was another member of the terrorist group who had agreed to turn himself in to the FBI but the terrorist leader had used Scott to stop that from happening. In the process of hunting down the terrorist leader, Scott impersonates an FBI agent, infiltrates the FBI's L.A. headquarters, throws in with a gang of roller-blading street urchins, makes mad passionate love to Valerie and ends up at a massive roller coaster theme park that's closed for the day in order to allow half the VIPs in Southern California to pay exorbitant sums of money at a fund raising event held by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the real target of the crazed terrorist who has obtained a suitcase nuke just for the occasion. Scott battles the terrorist and even the President himself who turns out to be more and less than what he seems, and manages to seal the nuclear bomb beneath a manmade mountain in the park. When the small nuke explodes, Scott desperately tries to help evacuate the rich and famous from the park before the radiation leaks from below ground, as the news media film the disaster and reports began leaking out to the world, a world that will never be the same again.

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