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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A political comedy in which the American President is accidentally infected with a virus that forces him to tell the truth--and he’s contagious!


JAMES is a famous standup comic and sitcom star who also happens to be the governor of California -- of course. Even more interestingly, his wife, THERESA, is a famous rock star and together they scandalize and titillate the masses both at the polls and at every crazed news conference and interview. For James it's just the latest in a string of gigs, but he hasn’t seen nothing yet -- Republican Party backroom men offer him the presidential nomination and, smelling the chance for the ultimate shtick, he accepts. James wins the election and sweeps into the White House, with panache, his rocker wife Theresa and their acerbic butler, SMART, along with clown shoes and a red rubber nose. But James’ dreams of ultimate freedom are soon dashed by LEWIS GRUNCH XXIII, the leader of a strange group called FUCC (Flagrantly Uncaring Control Cartel) lays down the law: James will do as they say of there will be consequences. Grunch orders James to do a photo op at a factory that's secretly a biological weapons plant and there's an accident: James is accidentally infected by a man-made virus that forces him to tell the truth… and he's contagious! Things go from bad to worse -- or from bad to great, depending on your point of view. James starts inadvertently infecting crooked politicians throughout the capital, who become known as Truthies. A frantic Grunch decides to assassinate the new truth-telling President along with all his truthful followers. Theresa is accidentally shot instead, and James flees, with Smart. A trip through the reality of poverty-and-crime-stricken D.C. makes James realize he has to not only state the truth, he has to stand up for it. He and a group of Truthies sneak into a huge United Nations anniversary conference, being covered by the media of the world. James gets up to state his truth and Grunch shoots him from hiding. One of James’ Truthies steps up to replace him and Grunch shoots him as well. One of James’ Truthies subdues Grunch as yet another Truthie steps up to the microphone to tell the world the truth. "You idiot," the Truthie tells Grunch, "you can kill people, but you can't kill the truth."

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