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By Paul Corricelli

GENRE: Horror

When a couple of thieving drifters massacre six Shoshone Indians on their own land, the tribal Chief unleashes a horde of Indian zombies on the town of Salt Flats, and it’s up to the Sheriff to lead a band of undead cowboys against them in order to save everything they died for. 


Sheriff Solomon, his Deputy Cotton Pike, and their guide, Scout, have chased a couple of horse thieves across the Utah plains only to stumble upon a grizzly scene. An empty campsite on Shoshone land, drenched in blood, the remnants of a brutal massacre.

Not far from the campsite, amid the jagged rock, the Shoshone Indians have retrieved the dead bodies of their fallen warriors, and are preparing a terrifying ritual. With the help of his Holy Man, Chief Gray Wolf conjures the spirits of their dead ancestors in order to amass an army of the undead to exact his revenge.

The Sheriff and his party waist little time in tracking down the black hearted men, Jed Parker and his Russian friend Bogden, along with several bundles of animal skins stolen from the Shoshone camp. Placing the men under arrest, they settle in for the night. In the morning, the Sheriff vows to ride back into Shoshone land and work out a peaceful resolution to this crime - with the promise of justice served back in the town of Salt flats.

But any notion of peace is shattered when they are attacked in the dead of night by a horde of Indian Zombies.

Scattered, bitten, and fighting the growing terror in his heart, Sheriff Solomon must make it back to Salt Flats to amass an army of zombie cowboys and save his only daughter before the army of Indian Zombies descends upon the town he's sworn to protect.


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Nathaniel Baker

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