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By Zergog Sebastian Tovar

GENRE: Comedy

When the world of Heavy Metal collides with Science we get chaos, and that chaos is “Kid Skeleton” a band that brings Heavy Metal to a higher state of confusion, an experimental contribution to the heavy metal community and an unsolicited malfunction to the rest of the world.


Detroit Rock City: 1996. A heavy metal maniac scientist, Old Dr. Crazy Bones takes claim of donated sperm seeds from the top rockers from all around the world; he splices them together and breeds the embryos in pods to create the ultimate heavy metal band. They are to be called “KID SKELTON” Kid Skeleton is five guys who have been living an institution to live privately out of the public eye till the age of 18. In 2014. Upon completing their training and preparation they are released from the institution, very unaware of the pleasures and dangers of the outside world, but are eager to explore the unknown. Every aspect they will now encounter will be on a first time experience, Love, lust, partying, touring, making music videos and praying for their lives. Unfortunately they are not well equipped in the brain bucket as there has been some tampering in the embryo process, as they are two brain cells shy of a tree stump, but having a blast and an exciting experience everywhere they go. IN CONCLUSION: The riches and fame they encounter soon become a fight for re-enforcing Heavy Metal back into the mainstream and to kill the careers of Justin Bieber and the like of wimp rock that has taken over, But the evil Bryer Greer Hanson Chase Thorntonhall the 5th has a very unique and deadly plan along with two equally imbecile Hit men to stop Kid Skeleton from reaching those goals. Kidnapping, embezzlement and Murder, all in the plans to end the lives of the Almighty Kid Skeleton.


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