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By Zergog Sebastian Tovar

GENRE: Thriller

As a psychotic serial killer terrorizes women in San Francisco, the devoted Detective hunting him down may have to face the disturbing truth about the madman's identity before his own wife becomes the next victim.


Jack Denhardt takes on a case of a Jack the Ripper type night killer, whom from a horrific childhood has repressed his memories from those tragic events, but as he grew older he conjurers up frightening Night Terror's and embraces them into a rage that forces him to kill only women, and only at night all across San Francisco with very little recollection the very next day of the grizzly crimes he committed. This will go on and on till he is finished with his gory task, or stopped before this completion of horrors. Collecting different body parts from each of his victims. And what he is doing with those missing parts from the kill site's of the dead woman's body's left behind is a horrific event in itself. Too many clues and factors make the FBI that was invited to help in the investigation, convinced that it is Jack's own partner Steve Morris that is the psycho Dubbed as the Night Terror. FBI agent Mark Roth arrests Steve and has him on trial for the murders. Against his wife Sara’s wishes, Jack puts up his house to make bail for his partner Steve who he believes is innocent and could not do these horrific slayings. Jack must quickly conduct his own in-depth investigations to find the truth. During further investigations, Jack starts to struggle between his partners innocents, or indeed that he is the Night Terror. And worse Jack’s own wife just got on the Night Terrors wish list. In the conclusion, Steve has been MIA since his release on bail, and his wife now missing. Jack comes to solidly believe after some incriminating evidence on Steve that he finds on his own, that his partner is truly guilty, A last standoff between Jack and Steve finally reveals the truth as to who is really the Night Terror. Is it Steve or maybe another Psycho that will be caught or killed to put an end to the San Francisco Night Terror slayings?


This spec script is in review for consideration from 2 production companies at the moment so I am holding off on putting it up for public veiwing, if you want to request this script for your consideration please contact me personaly.

Best Regards. Zergog Seabastian Tovar

Dillon Mcpheresome

Great concept.

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