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By Donny Hugaboom

GENRE: Action, Drama

Angels, demons, and other spiritual beings influence our everyday life. For example: you end up running late for work or another important event; and had you left at your normal time you would have ended up in wreck or something worst. We were able to project a spiritual war going on behind the life of a father and daughter and they do not realize it.


Angels have been living among us sense the creation of the universe. They all lived in heaven until one rebelled. His name was Lucifer however we know him as Satan. Now, it is the job of The Archangel Michael and his team of warrior to stop Lucifer and team of demons from turning God’s creation against him; and For Sara and her father, Captain Nathaniel Adams, they are no exception. What happens when you realize we do not wrestle against flesh and blood watch as Michael and his team of warrior fight against Lucifer and team of demons over your very soul? For Captain Adams and his daughter, Sara, they must realize the only way to win is faithfully trusting in Christ alone. You will see the creation of the universe, a view of heaven, a view hell, the original battle between Michael and Lucifer, and the visible wrestling against invisible forces of the spiritual realm. It is Spiritual Warfare, welcome to the real world.


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Jonathan Perkins

Thanks Donny! I Appreciate The Connect.

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