Joanne Bentley

Joanne Bentley
The Falconlady & Team Feathers

Actor, animal trainer and screenwriter in North Cowichan, Canada

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Joanne's Bio

Joanne Bentley – also known as “The Falconlady”, resides in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island. This has been ‘home’ for the most of the last eight years, though working with “Team Feathers” often means traveling widely across Canada – and potentially elsewhere.

For the last 10 years, ‘Jo’ has committed herself to deepening her understanding, love and appreciation for birds of prey by setting herself the task of discovering what she might add to the sum-knowledge of the ancient trade known as “the Art of Falconry”.

At the outset of this journey, Joanne’s intention was to both educate others, and inspire heartfelt awe for her feathered companions through the eye of the camera. To this end, she has meticulously developed specialized techniques for encouraging “on cue” performance skills by always playing to each bird’s strengths, and fundamentally acknowledging their individual ‘being-ness’.

It has been Jo’s privilege to contribute to projects ranging from “Divine: The Series”, to a commercial campaign for Dodge-RAM, to feature-length films such as “Seventh Son”, and “Aloft”, to television series such as “Smallville” and “Siberia”.

Each project had its unique requirements, and each time Joanne and her feathered-companions developed uniquely distinctive bird-of-prey performances through which the elements of power and beauty were contributed to the storyline.

Running parallel to this undertaking, Joanne has studied and trained for the last five years under the guidance of her acting and special-skills/martial-arts mentor, the great fight-master, F. Braun McAsh.

She has appeared on-stage in principal roles, and on-screen in the ‘featured-extra’ category – but would dearly love to sink her teeth into a powerful and expansive character.

It would be an understatement to say it took time for Joanne to find her way to this long sought-after life-path. She has learned to fly small planes, faced forest-fires with initial-attack crews, and tackled more ‘work-a-day’ jobs in between. This said, being a part of the creative process of storytelling is never far from her heart; she has published short-stories and poetry, and is currently authoring a series of “high-Fantasy” fiction inspired by her work with birds-of-prey.

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