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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Sci-fi, Drama

From the ashes of the apocalypse three nations have risen to rediscover technology, each other and the hatred that almost destroyed the world generations ago. The fate of the planet rests in the hands of those few who would fight to prevent war.


Set in the future after the world has ended in plague, fire and ice. Three nations, called ‘Blocks’ rise from the ashes to start civilization and technology again.

The Southern Block, forced underground due to surface radiation, has a ‘caste’ system, where people are assigned a job for life. A ruthless albino priest has seized control and gains political power. The tinkerer, the priest’s genius twin brother, has rediscovered how to make energy weapons and other useful items using chemical reaction within crystals. He wants to be left alone. The Senate, a ruling council, would pit one brother against the other in order to gain more power and technology.

The Northern Block, models itself after the old west, minus the guns and the Indians. The town blacksmith heads up the research team attempting to rediscover electricity and magnetism, while the town leader tries his best to prevent it.

The Eastern Block, people of Asian descent, are ruled by an all-powerful Emperor. The General, who guards the Great stone wall, he has to deal with monsters and deserters while keeping an eye on the other two emerging cultures.

As each nation deals with its own social and political problems, technology advances. Eventually each nation discovers that they are not alone and that is where the real problems begin.


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