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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Sci-fi, Drama

A decorated FBI agent is assigned to find out why large groups of people nation-wide are disappearing and discovers that the answer is worse than he could have ever imagined and forces him to question his own identity.


FBI Agent, Derrick Niger is assigned to find out why whole towns of people are disappearing and where they are going. His research shows that the populace of the poorest cities and towns started disappearing near a decade ago, but nobody noticed or cared because the people were mostly black. Niger, expanding his research, finds out that the disappearances are happening world-wide. Niger is almost suspended when he gets into a fight with Reily, a racist bullying co-worker.

Niger goes undercover in a small town. He gets into a scuffle with the sons of the local Klan leaders. Later that evening, in a high-speed chase, Niger is pursued by Klan members including the Sheriff. Niger has to break cover and threaten to kill the Sheriff to escape.

Niger goes undercover again. He finds out that people are being invited to start a new life. A group called Exodus X is offering people money to relocate. Reporting back to his superiors, Niger is ordered to gather more intelligence. Niger soon finds himself in front of Dr. Aruda, leader of Exodus X. Aruda, a former billionaire, informs Niger that Exodus X is a humanitarian effort and that the government has branded him a traitor for helping black people to leave the country. Reily and a squad of agents crash the meeting but Aruda escapes.

Niger tails several buses to a huge cruise ship. The passengers are transferred from the buses to the ship. While spying, Niger’s phone rings. On the phone is Aruda asking that Niger not to interfere and warning him that many lives will be lost if he does. Later, Niger receives an invite to join Exodus X and becomes conflicted.

At another transfer point, the number of buses has increased. Two cruise ships are docked, and Niger receives another call. Aruda has sped up his time table due to Niger’s inference. The military shows up to prevent people from boarding the ships. Shooting starts, and panic ensues. One ship leaves the dock. People, including Niger race for the safety of the other shp. Niger is shot in the back by Reily and arrested. Reily and his agents attempt to take over the ship but fail.

The cruise ships become airborne and reveal that they are starships. The military attempts to shoot them down with nukes, but the ship’s technology proves to be far too advanced. A warning of world-wide doom in three hundred years is sent to Earth by Aruda, who’s in a ship parked behind the moon. In the end, Niger is branded a traitor and put on trial. Before a sentence can be handed down, Niger is taken to a wooded area and shot by Reily.

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