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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Action, Drama, Sci-fi

In a race against time, a convict turned agent must prevent his employers from releasing a worldwide pandemic that threatens kill over half the human race.


Kelis, an underground fight champion, wrongly imprisoned for years is in and out of solitary confinement with no future in sight. Offered a job and amnesty by a beautiful and mysterious woman, he takes this “deal with the devil”. Trained for black Ops, he is sent out on legally questionable missions with his recruiter. Over time he learns much about the high-tech para-military research organization to which he has become an integral part.

The organization, which is headed by a Dr. Develin, was created by a corrupt Senator in order to win the presidency. Instead, they have created a virus designed to kill off all people below a certain level of intelligence. When the Senator finds out and objects they make him a carrier of the infection. Meanwhile geneticists all over the country are disappearing or mysteriously dying in strange accidents.  Kelis bears silent witness to all that is transpiring until his lover somehow becomes infected. After being refused help by Develin and the organization Kelis begins to question his own motivations and loyalties. Depressed, Kelis contemplates suicide until his recruiter calls. Stirred up by her words, he decides to single-handedly stop the organization. 

Unknown to anyone he gathers information and tries to prevent a couple of their major missions, unsuccessfully. Breaking into Devlin’s office Kelis discovers one final mission, to kill a geneticist. The last man left who could possibly find a cure. The group sends agents after the geneticist who is being protected by the military. Meanwhile, Develin becomes infected by a mutated strain of the virus and needs help finding a cure. Develin calls Kelis, not knowing that Kelis has gone rogue, and orders him to protect the very geneticist that the other agents are trying to kill. Kelis rescues the geneticist and moves him to a secret location.

Returning to base, Kelis plans to kill “the head of the snake”. Instead of finding Develin, he is discovered by his recruiter in Devlin’s office. In a shoot-out that turns into a martial arts smack down, Kelis barely defeats her. Finding Develin, he reveals his change of allegiance at gun point. Develin then collapses from the side-effects of an untested cure for the virus.

The last geneticist creates a cure. Kelis blackmails the newly elected President who had used the virus to kill his opponent during his campaign. Kelis’ recruiter, finding herself in a private hospital, plots her revenge.

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