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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Action, Adventure

An arrogant superhero awakes, alone and powerless and accidentally reveals his secret identity to his soon to be ex-wife, whom plans relaying the information to his villainous arch-enemy.


Joseph "Joe" Johnson's, aka Excelsius, falls to Earth. Days later, he awakens powerless. Joe calls Hyper-man, a friend, to pick him up. When he refuses, Joe must walk miles to get home. On his front door is an eviction notice and he gets served divorce papers. The next day, he is fired and is being sued by his dog’s kennel. At an ATM, Joe disarms a mugger and realizes that his powers may never return.

Joe meets with his soon to be ex-wife Bridget. He wants to reconcile and confesses that he’s a 'special'. She refuses. He tells her that he’s powerless and about the mugging, showing her the gun. She takes it to drop off to the police. Feeling sorry for him, she allows him to spend the night in her hotel room. She confesses of an affair because she though he was having one. Apologizing, she sleeps with him.

In the morning Joe awakens to Bridget about to catch a flight to Vegas to see her new boyfriend, Don. The flight is delayed due to 'specials' battling at the airport. One is Hyper-man, and the other is Dr. Telios, Excelsius’ arch enemy. While waiting, Bridget explains her hatred of 'specials', especially of Excelsius. Joe blurts out that he is Excelsius. She goes into a rage, bolts and is picked up by Don’s limo. She confides in the driver that Excelsius is powerless. The driver tells her that Dr. Telios is in Vegas. Bridget texts Joe that she is going to find Dr. Telios and divulge his secret.

Bridget and the driver travel by train. Joe discovers them on the train but is attacked by the driver. Joe gets batted around until Eleanor, a retired ‘special’, comes to his rescue. The driver, an android, gets damaged. Eleanor repairs him to allay suspicions. In Vegas, Joe uses a remote to make the driver to jump in front of a train. Later, Bridget catches Joe spying and is angry about being followed. Joe pleads with her to keep his secret. She agrees if he will stay out of her life. As Joe's leaving, Don shows up.

Joe runs into Eleanor and reveals his secret. She drugs and kidnaps him to use as bait. She meets with Dr. Telio but it becomes an ambush. Dr. Telios captures them both. Joe awakens to find he and Hyper-man locked in tanks of 'anti-specials' fluid, which prevents powers from working.

At dinner, Don introduces Bridget to his mother, Eleanor. After some disturbing conversation, Bridget excuses herself. Don locks Eleanor in a bedroom. She escapes, nabbing Bridget on the way out.

The tank causes Joe to regains his powers. He and Hyper-man escape and meet up with Eleanor and Bridget. Dr. Telios appears. Joe relieves him of his helmet, revealing that Don is Dr. Telios. Summoning androids, Dr. Telios attacks. Joe and Hyper-man take out the androids. Joe is taken down by Dr. Telios. Bridget confronts Don about being a 'special'. He dismisses her. Don is about to kill Joe when Bridget shoots him the back with the recovered gun. Joe saves Bridget but she still alludes to divorce.

Later, Hyper-man, holds a press conference to inform the world that Excelsius is taking some time off. Meanwhile, Bridget and Joe meet at a café to try starting over with no lies or secrets between them.

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