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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Thriller, Action

An attractive animal rights activist must stop a serial killer, while avoiding becoming his next victim, to prevent an infatuated cop from discovering her dark secret.


Sam, an attractive blond, who works as an administrative assistant for an animal rights firm, is attacked in an alley by a smuggler. Ferguson, a handsome homicide detective, shoots the guy dead, rescuing her. He’s instantly attracted to her, but Sam informs him that she doesn't date cops. In gratitude for saving her life, she brings him Crunch cake.

The next day, Sam meets with an ex-puppy mill owner. He admits to still running the business. Sam tries to convince him to quit. He refuses. Early the following morning the man is found in a shallow grave in the woods. Ferguson is assigned to the case.

That evening Sam attends a house party where she meets a mysterious stranger who takes her breath away. While working late Ferguson determines that with the number of bodies piling up, there’s a serial killer at work.

The next night, while investigating a dog-fighting ring, Sam witnesses her mystery man, Greg, and her favorite singer, Trina, being arrested. At a coffee shop, Sam meets a blond nurse. She admires the woman’s necklace. Later, the police find the nurse, dead. It’s another late night for Ferguson when he realizes that there must be two killers loose. Due to hair color preference, he dubs the first, the ‘Blond Killer’.

Sam goes to Greg about the dog-fighting, but he informs her that Trina is the ring leader. While leaving, Sam discovers the nurse’s necklace on Greg’s porch. She concludes that Greg is the ‘Blond Killer’. Sam confronts Trina but can’t convince her to stop dog-fighting. At gunpoint, Sam forces Trina to dye her hair blond.

The police find Trina’s body and Ferguson is notified. Under the pretense of a date, Sam sees Greg. Murdering him, she ensures that ‘Blond Killer’ evidence will be found. It dawns on Ferguson that the victims were all affiliated with animals and dubs the second killer ‘Griffin’. On a hunch, he stakes out Sam’s place. Sam discovers Ferguson and invites him in for cake and lemonade.

While Ferguson is leaving, Sam lets slip that Greg is dead. A fact that very few know. Ferguson realizes… Sam is ‘Griffin’! Sam offers Ferguson a deal, to keep her secret or die. They battle but Ferguson, having drunk drugged lemonade, gets whooped. Ferguson starts to lose consciousness and in a last-ditch effort shoots Sam. Unable to fight any longer, they both sit, holding guns on each other, daring the other to blink.

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