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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Thriller

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors, cornered in a department store, must prepare for an army of monsters headed their way while trying to discover the serial killer in their midst.


The zombie apocalypse happened but not how we envisioned it. They didn't destroy the world, humans did in their greed, fear and paranoia. Fast forward five years and there is no central government, no power and people have been divided into three distinct groups; scavengers, hunters and refugees. There are rumors of military controlled zombie-free zones.

These three different groups, all looking for food, meet at a department store. Fortunately the store has enough supplies for everyone for a few weeks. They barricade themselves in and ration the food to increase their odds of survival. Internal conflicts begin and a leader is established. They unsuccessfully try to communicate with a zombie-free zone.

During the night a woman mysteriously. The groups also discover why there is so much food in the store. They are in the middle of an area called Slaughterhouse, the largest zombie outbreak site in the state. According to records, no one has ever made it out alive. Believing that a zombie army will soon come to devour them, the groups prepares boobytraps and defenses.

Another night and another woman is discovered dead. New rules are enacted to prevent more murders but this only causes tensions to run even higher. After a couple of days, people have begun to become comfortable and lax. This is when the looks outs first catch sight of the slow moving monsters. Panic breaks out and people die because of it, reducing the numbers to a dozen. Someone lights the defensive ring of fire and the monsters are held at bay but its only a matter of time.

With the fires dying down the survivors must prepare to do battle but the killer blows up several people makes himself known to the group. One must fight him while the rest must battle the oncoming zombies. The defenders are soon crushed and the store is invaded. The fighters end up on the roof and the killer is thrown off into the waiting crowd. A helicopter from the zombie-free zone drops a sling and pulls the last man to safety.

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