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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Action, Drama, Sci-fi

A young woman must help hide a man from another galaxy from the aliens hunting him and our government who wants their advanced technology.


In UNCOMMON GROUND, Kim, a part-time employee, while outside work finds an injured man with unusually blue eyes who can barely speak English. He gives her money to buy unusual supplies. When she does, he lets her keep the change which turns out to be thousands of dollars. The man disappears. At the same time, three armored aliens land in the Arctic, having been given the slip by their prey. They travel to a warmer climate to make camp. The hunters are unknowingly being tracked by the government.

After Kim pays her tuition and back rent, a local drug dealer she grew up with tries to kidnap her. The unknown man shows up and indirectly prevents it, then simply disappears again. Later the unknown man returns and asks Kim to teach him how to blend in and offers to pay. Kim agrees with conditions and names the unknown man Fred. She takes him shopping for clothes to help him blend in. He reveals that he is from another galaxy with technology beyond her understanding. She doesn’t believe him until he is attacked by an alien tracking droid. He defeats the droid using a mix of advanced weaponry and simple science. He presents he with the same advanced weapon for her defense. Kim passes her classes and is offered a promotion at work. She takes Fred to a club to celebrate. More alien trackers crash the party. Fred kills two and escapes to draw the rest away, leaving Kim behind.

Fred moves into an abandoned farm to protect Kim but she follows him. While she helps him move in, three alien hunters appear and attack. Fred becomes quickly overwhelmed due to being out numbered. He becomes injured and Kim comes to his rescue by killing one of the hunters. Fred sustains a mortal wound but he and Kim must still face the remaining two hunters. Unknown to both sides, the military is on the way. Fred flees the fight with one hunter chasing him down. Kim defends herself against the leader. She is almost defeated when Fred appears using the simple science to defeat the leader. Deeming it too dangerous for her, he leaves town to find a safe haven somewhere else on Earth. By the time the military arrives all traces of the alien threat are gone, except for one little broken metal crystal.


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