James M. Gilligan

James M. Gilligan

Gaffer/lighting Technician, Musician, Producer, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Doha, Qatar

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  • The Intruder!

    The Intruder! (2011)
    Film (short) by Majid Al Ansari (Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Gaffer A chance encounter in a remote desert at night, threatens a couple and their unborn child. But where the intruder comes from and what it wants are the most terrifying questions.

  • Jasim

    Jasim (2009)
    Film (short) by Peter Webber (Drama) Best Boy Electric The film reveals a number of emblematic scenes from the life of the founding father of Qatar. We meet Jasim Al Thani as a young boy diligently studying in the Mosque before heading to his Majlis where he soaks up the adult world of his father Sheikh Mohammed. Jasim becomes a young man, showing us his skills as he and his entourage hunt Habara with a prize falcon. Now fully prepared for manhood, Jasim shows his strength and courage by challenging one of the Arabian peninsulas most fearsome fighters at the Battle of Messaimer. Betrayed by his enemies, Jasim is imprisoned and endures great hardship until his release, when he is greeted as a local hero in a triumphant homecoming. He returns to the task of liberating his country from the Turks, and having successfully shaken off the yoke of imperialism, he turns his attentions to the needs of his people, education above all. Finally, he unites the Qatari tribes and sets the stage for the emergence of Qatar as a proud, independent nation. Written by Doha Tribeca Film Festival

  • Framed

    Framed (2008)
    Film by Jon Kirby (Thriller) Gaffer 'Framed' tells the story of a young American woman, who is an academic at Oxford University. She is at odds with the established system and finds refuge writing crime stories in which she imagines herself to be the glamorous femme fatale. Her world changes when the characters from her fiction appear to come to life and she is arrested for a serious crime. This dual narrative thriller set in London and Oxford blurs the distinction between fiction and reality as our heroine begins to question everyone and everything around her. Written by Matthew Stradling

  • You Can Run...

    You Can Run... (2005)
    Film (short) by Lucy Bailey Gaffer Slamming the front door of her London home, Elena is determined to leave everything behind. All she needs to do is to catch a train. But a bizarre series of events conspire to prevent Elena's journey and to make her reconsider her life.

  • The Phantom of the Opera

    The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
    Film by Joel Schumacher (Drama, Musical, Romance and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Begins when an opera ghost terrorizes the cast and crew of the French Opera House while tutoring a chorus girl. He finally drives the lead soprano crazy so she and her friend leave. The girl is able to sing lead one night but the soprano doesn't want her show stolen so she comes back. The ghost demands they keep giving his protégé lead roles. Meanwhile, His pupil falls in love with the Vicomte de Chagny, but the Phantom is in love with Christine, his student. The Phantom is outraged by their love and kidnaps Christine to be his eternal bride. Will Raoul, the Vicomte, be able to stop this dastardly plan? Written by Niki

  • Incident at Loch Ness

    Incident at Loch Ness (2004)
    Film by Zak Penn (Adventure, Comedy and Horror) Gaffer / Actor The German film director Werner Herzog sets out to the Scottish Highlands to make a documentary, "Enigma of Loch Ness", exploding the myth of the Loch Ness Monster. Meanwhile, another documentary film crew is making a film about Werner Herzog, and we see the production of "Enigma" from their point of view. Shooting on a rented boat, tensions begin to rise as director Herzog and his producer, Zak Penn, find themselves at cross-purposes on the black surface of Loch Ness. Things get very edgy when the film crew starts seeing shapes in the murky water. Written by Martin Lewison <dr@martinlewison.com>

  • The Tell-Tale Heart

    The Tell-Tale Heart (2004)
    Film (short) by Stephanie Sinclaire (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department Set in the late 19th Century, a slightly unhinged man begins to obsess about his neighbour's 'vulture eye'. He is kind to him in the day but spies on him nightly at midnight, slowly intruding into his room in the pitch black. Finally on the eighth night, a ray of light falls on the offending eye inflaming our protagonist and driving him to murder. He has so objectified his nemesis that he sees this act only as a triumph over the 'evil eye'. When the police come to investigate, he is so confident he brings them into the murdered man's room for the interview and seats himself directly above the floorboards beneath which the murdered man lies. All goes well until he begins to 'hear' a tap---is it his imagination, or is it the thud of the dead man's heart? The thud becomes a thump and then a bold tattoo---he becomes convinced the sound is audible to the police who are toying with him. Written by Brian Freeston

  • Chasing Liberty

    Chasing Liberty (2004)
    Film by Andy Cadiff (Comedy and Romance) Electrician Anna Foster has never had an ordinary life. At eighteen years old, she is the most protected girl in America; she is the First Daughter. Frustrated with her overprotective father, the President of the United States of America, Anna makes a deal with him: only two agents are allowed to guard her while she attends a concert in Prague. When her father backs out of his promise, Anna flies into a temper and goes on the run with Ben Calder, a handsome photographer she runs into outside of the music club. They travel together with the intention of going to the Love Parade in Berlin. Anna hasn't told Ben who she is but more importantly, Ben hasn't told her who he is. Under the orders of Anna's father, Ben is supposed to keep an eye on the rebellious girl but falling in love with her wasn't something he expected to do. Romance blossoms between the wild, sassy Anna and the cool, distant Ben as they backpack through Europe. Problem is, when it is time to go back and Anna finds out about Ben, ... Written by Sar Crickes and corrected by thepinkthinker

  • Shooting Blanks

    Shooting Blanks (2003)
    Film (short) by Liam Gavin (Romance) Gaffer Cupid is an embittered alcoholic and the world has fallen apart.

  • Second Nature

    Second Nature (2003)
    TV Movie by Ben Bolt (Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller and 1 More) Electrician Everything is not as it seems for a man who recovers from a plane crash in which his family is killed. After plastic surgery and rehabilitation, he determines that he worked for a secret agency for which he was an assassin. His former boss puts him back to work to assassinate a political leader, but when he proves unable to pull the trigger, it is he who becomes the target for assassins. As he avoids capture, the story unfolds about his true past and the reason why he has a tattoo of "chilly willy" inside his lip. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Ready

    Ready (2002)
    Film (short) by Savina Dellicour (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Naomi has known all her life that she will succumb to the same fate that has befallen her family for generations. Unlike her ancestors, who all made unmitigated fools of themselves trying to avoid the curse, Naomi has accepted her destiny and tells herself that she is ready... Written by Anonymous

  • An Angel for May

    An Angel for May (2002)
    TV Movie by Harley Cokeliss (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Gaffer Tom travels fifty years to the past after discovering a time machine. He meets May, a little orphan who needs help. Now that he knows his friends' fate and his own, he will try to reorder the events and change their history.

  • Redemption Road

    Redemption Road (2001)
    Film by Lloyd Stanton (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Uncared for by the community, Rick, recently mad, is looking for somewhere warm to commit suicide. Instead he finds George, a downtrodden doormat of a man, recently separated. In turn they stumble upon the embittered, man-mountain that is Joe, recently bereaved. One game of pool and several drinks later these three disparate men are thrown together on a journey no-one wants to take, to a destination no-one believes exists, chased by a man no-one should meet. Then there's the Hippies, George's ex-wife, a robbery, drugs, amputation, muggings, Brownies, the Police, explosions and this really, really gorgeous girl. Written by Anonymous

  • Station Jim

    Station Jim (2001)
    TV Movie by John Roberts (Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department It is the 1890s. Bob Gregson is a young lad who works as a porter at a rural railway station. He is keen to impress the stationmaster who is looking for a successor because he is about to retire. Having fallen in love with a teacher called Harriet Collins, Bob wants to raise money to save the local orphanage where she works and where he was brought up, after he hears that a local businessman, Mr Riorden, wants to sell it as part of a property deal. He discovers a stray Jack Russell terrier in one of the crates of goods that were delivered to the station and finds out that it can perform tricks such as standing on its hind legs because it had previously worked in a circus. "Station Jim" soon becomes a local attraction with the passengers who pay money to see its tricks. Then it is announced that Queen Victoria will be visiting the station. If Bob plays his cards right, maybe he could persuade her to become a patron of the orphanage. Surely Mr Riorden would have second thoughts if she ... Written by Anonymous

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
    Film by Chris Columbus (Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Miscellaneous Crew Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the first film in the Harry Potter series based on the novels by J.K. Rowling. It is the tale of Harry Potter, an ordinary 11-year-old boy serving as a sort of slave for his aunt and uncle who learns that he is actually a wizard and has been invited to attend the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry is snatched away from his mundane existence by Hagrid, the grounds keeper for Hogwarts, and quickly thrown into a world completely foreign to both him and the viewer. Famous for an incident that happened at his birth, Harry makes friends easily at his new school. He soon finds, however, that the wizarding world is far more dangerous for him than he would have imagined, and he quickly learns that not all wizards are ones to be trusted. Written by Carly

  • The Asylum

    The Asylum (2000)
    Film by John Stewart (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department THRILLER (2000) Plagued by endless visions and nightmares, Jenny Adams suspects that, as a child, she was responsible for the brutal murder of her own mother.

  • The World Is Not Enough

    The World Is Not Enough (2000)
    Video Game by Ian Fleming (Action, Thriller and Adventure) Camera and Electrical Department Experince the intensity of being the world's top secret agent. Equipped with a full arsenal of Q-Lab gadgets and weaponry, you must be suave and resourceful as you carry out action-packed missions based on the blockbuster movie. Are you cool under pressure? Cunning when necessary? Of course you are--Bond . . . James Bond. Bond's Best Missions! Battle through 10 exciting levels with a variety of objectives. Over 20 Q-Lab Gadgets and Weapons! Bond's P2K, Infrared Glasses, Cell Phone Stunner, and many more. All new 3D Engine! High-resolution textures, fast framerate and amazing view distances make make this best-looking POV game on the PlayStation game console. Improved AI! Enemies will react to Bond, communicate with each other, and even retreat! Authentic Dialogue! Interact with other characters and experience movie-like cinematics will full speech. Written by Robert Lynch <docrlynch@yahoo.com>

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
    Film by George Lucas (Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department The evil Trade Federation, led by Nute Gunray is planning to take over the peaceful world of Naboo. Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent to confront the leaders. But not everything goes to plan. The two Jedi escape, and along with their new Gungan friend, Jar Jar Binks head to Naboo to warn Queen Amidala, but droids have already started to capture Naboo and the Queen is not safe there. Eventually, they land on Tatooine, where they become friends with a young boy known as Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon is curious about the boy, and sees a bright future for him. The group must now find a way of getting to Coruscant and to finally solve this trade dispute, but there is someone else hiding in the shadows. Are the Sith really extinct? Is the Queen really who she says she is? And what's so special about this young boy? Written by simon

  • Middleton's Changeling

    Middleton's Changeling (1998)
    Film by Marcus Thompson (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Based on the 17th Century play, this modernization finds a young man in love with a woman who is promised to another. Pleading with her man-servant to murder her pledged, he in turn blackmails her into a night with her. But she switches her maid in her bed, which sets off a bloodbath. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Tomorrow Never Dies

    Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
    Film by Roger Spottiswoode (Action, Adventure and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Agent James Bond 007 is on a mission which includes a media tycoon, his former lover and a Chinese agent. Elliot Carver wants to complete his global media empire, but in order for this to work, he must achieve broadcasting rights in China. Carver wants to start up World War III by starting a confrontation over British and Chinese waters. Bond gains the help of Wai Lin on his quest to stop him, but how will Bond feel when he meets up with his former lover, who is now Carver's wife. Written by simon

  • The Man Who Knew Too Little

    The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)
    Film by Jon Amiel (Action, Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department An American gets a ticket for an audience participation game in London, then gets involved in a case of mistaken identity. As an international plot unravels around him, he thinks it's all part of the act. Written by Anonymous

  • M.I.A.

    M.I.A. (1996)
    Video by Jake West Camera and Electrical Department

  • The Glam Metal Detectives

    The Glam Metal Detectives (1995)
    Television by Peter Richardson (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A sketch show that had the effect that you were channel surfing, with each sketch being a spoof programme on different fake channels. Regular items included Colin Corleone - a man who thought he was The Godfather, a 1950's serial 'Betty's Mad Dash', an American talk show, movie paradies, plus the eponymic Glam Metal Detectives who would fight crime and play sell-out concerts every week. You'd dip in and out of these and other sketches as if you were hopping around different TV channels. Written by Bluejam

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