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By Geof Spalding

GENRE: Adventure, Other

Suffering from the twenty first century disease a 32 year old man wanting his old life back becomes apprentice to an old Chinese Sage but he loses everything he holds dear and can never return to the person he was and so he goes on a mystical quest in the hope of becoming the man he was meant to be.


33rd Sage - Synopsis We open in a health clinic, Conway sits, waiting for the doctor. Head down, pale skin, bags under his eyes; he looks exhausted. His doctor informs him there is nothing they can do. He staggers from the clinic a broken man, praying for the first time. An old Chinese Sage hearing his prayer and offers to heal him if he will become his apprentice. After accepting Conway loses everything, his job, his partner and all sense of who he is. On the first day of training, in a world far different from his own, Conway almost loses his life. The Sage leads him on a journey through the elements and the cycles within nature and mankind. Conway learns he will never get his old life back; his destiny lies in another direction, a direction that will either kill him or transform him. After finding a mystical sword and meeting the love of his life all turns sour; his emotions spiral out of control and his chronic fatigue returns. Conway is devastated at the return of his illness and the loss of Vivienne, but worse than either is the sight of the mighty sword turned from a bejeweled master piece to a rusty bit of junk. Conway discovers he is the true source of what has happened to him. He fights against his own nature and through meditation, exercise and seeing the world from a different perspective his illness falls away and the sword regains its former glory. He finds Vivienne and asks for her forgiveness. Our heroes rush back to the forest where they find the old sage dead. Conway must continue with the quest to honour him. They travel across the lake of Li to the mystical crystal cave where Conway knows the quest will end. Conway is about to pierce the crystal with the sword and restore balance to the world when he realizes that it is Vivienne who must to do it. Conway leaves the cave. Tired he lays down and falls asleep. When he wakes nothing is the same. There is no sign of Vivienne and even the cave has changed. He rushes to the cabin but there is no cabin only his dirt clothes lying besides his Alfa. Conway is writing the last words of his time with the old sage when an old envelope falls from the journal. It is the envelope the old sage gave him many months before with the knowledge that he should only open it at the correct time. Conway opens the envelope and we hear the old man as Conway reads the letter. Conway leans back in his chair, a smile radiates from his face. He closes his eyes.

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