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By Geof Spalding

GENRE: Action, Fantasy

Arthur a troubled teenager, opens a portal into the Mirror World, but when he gets stuck there the real adventure begins.


Arthur and the Mirror World Synopsis - Geof Spalding Arthur, a troubled teenager, opens a portal into the Mirror World, but when he gets stuck there the real adventure begins. In the Mirror World a new Camelot has been created. It is a world that exists all around us but few if any are aware of its existence. Arthur a troubled teenager, who owns an ancient talisman, has untrained psychic abilities and a knack for getting into trouble. He wants to prove the other worlds he sees in his dreams and meditations are real. When another strange episode occurs at school Arthur is suspended and sent to Scotland to stay with his professor father who is researching the story of the Arthur and Camelot. While staying at Glasgow university he meets the gatekeeper who shows him the site where some believed the real Camelot occurred. Using the talisman given to him by a mysterious stranger, when he was eleven, Arthur finds a doorway into the Mirror World only to discover he is stuck there. To escape the Mirror World Arthur must work with Merlin, Alenora, a dark haired beauty, Beatrice a scruffy dog and the daughter of the true King to go on a quest to find the Guardian; his only hope of getting home. On journey the girls are kidnapped by the King Lot who wants to destroy Camelot and become king of all Britain. Arthur must save the girls and defeat the evil king at any cost. After rescuing Alenora and the princess, Arthur and the group escape only to be found and arrested by King's men. When Arthur looks into the eyes of the evil King he realizes that it was Lot who killed the young man who gave him the Talisman many years before. With the help of one of the evil king's generals and every ounce of courage Arthur can muster they escape. The race is on as the General, Merlin and the girls rush for the castle before King Lot can organize his army and descend on Camelot. Arthur knows, to save Camelot and his own world, he must leave his little band and try one last time to remove the sword from the stone and complete his quest. The battle for Camelot ensues. Many lay dead and dying. Camelot is about to fall. When all seems lost Arthur rides through the castle gate and with the reinvigorated army saves the day. With Lot dead and his army defeated Camelot holds a grand ceremony to honour Arthur and his friends and remember those who have fallen. Arthur is back where he began outside the principal's office but this time his parents are fighting to get him back in. A young girl sits on the bench beside him. Their eyes connect. Arthur sees the Talisman around her neck. He takes her hand in his and says, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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