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By Geof Spalding

GENRE: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

An arrogant former best selling author wants to reinvent his career, but a gift of an ancient mystical book, turns his world upside down and he must find what is truly important in his life.


The Path of Salvation is the story of author Robert Conway whose first book sold millions while is following books barely sold. He hits rock bottom when he makes a fool of himself at the Australian Writers Festival only for his outburst entitled Mr. Arrogance to become a worldwide YouTube success. With his career in tatters he meets and old Chinese Sage who gives him a 1500 year old book, the only one of its kind. Strangely Conway is the old one who can see the Old Chinese man. To make matters worse Conway's only friend, and confident, his ex-wife wants a divorce. Conway shows the book to his wife's boss the CEO of Sage Publishing an expert in Chinese language and art. The CEO Milligan realizes at once how important the book is an offers to buy it from him. Conway refuses and his apartment is broken into. So begins the journey as the more Conway delves into the information and teachings on the book the more it seems that the outside world is hell bent on stopping him from finding the information. Is it the shadow of Conway that is trying to stop him on the path of initiation or is there really a dark influence who want the power that the book holds for itself.


At First draft, available on request.

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