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By Geof Spalding

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: A doctor with too many secrets is being brought before the medical board for malpractice after a child dies in his arms.


The Jab is a fearless, insightful and provocative drama series that microscopically examines the conventions and morality of contemporary inner city life. The six-part drama series traces the shattering repercussions of a single event as the dominoes continue to fall on a whole community. The series opens at a Brunswick Medical Centre. Amongst doctors and nurses caring for their patients, and each other, a mother brings in her sick child. The medical centre and the life of Dr Raj Patel are sent into turmoil when the unvaccinated child dies, of whooping cough, in the doctor's arms. When Raj is charged with medical misconduct; friends, family, doctors and nurses are forced to take sides. Couples and their children are caught in the crossfire. Both scientific and ethical beliefs are questioned and relationships brought to breaking point. The Jab explores what happens when the veil of civility that binds us a society, is ripped aside by one disturbing action. It brings to vivid life questions of parenting, the rights of children, race, class, sexuality and the different perspectives of men and women. It explores the one question on every parents lips. Will it harm my child? Will you choose to Jab or not, but more importantly, how will you feel about those who do the opposite? Series Format Outline The Jab is a six part miniseries set in current day Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne, it is driven by unpredictable characters and their messy yet recognizable lives.

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