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By Geof Spalding

GENRE: Adventure, Drama

It's the story of a mad man who goes on a quest because he wants to find a place where he can be free but he finds everyone is against him, so he creates his own.


The real Camelot is the true story of Merlin and the creation of Camelot. It's magnificent creation and the destruction brought on it by act of Merlin himself. Merlin had a mystical episode when all of a sudden an inner prompting sent him on a quest to creat Camelot. Camelot was not what we see in the movies and there was no majestic castle with a draw bridge and a moat all around. The Real Camelot was a state of mind that created a mystical land in Scotland. Merlin travelled for many years teaching and drawing to him what was called the bastard energy; so called because most of the people he drew to him were people who either had no parents or would not have been missed if they stepped away from society. The time was in the second half of the sixth century in what is now Scotland and Ireland. Society at that time was basically warring groups of people who we under the control of various lords and kings. Merlin saw a world where all men and women were equal and it was his quest to create a society based on these principles. After traveling for a number of years and gathering together a group of people he found the mystical Camelot. In the beginning it was an area which was surrounded by briar bushes and when anyone came near it a mist seemed to drop down and discourage anyone from going further, because in the mist people and their animals would be cut to pieces by the briars. Merlin's people and their animals were different, because of their heightened perceptions they were able to close their eyes and feel their way through the briar without any harm becoming them. In the beginning Merlin would blindfold the followers and lead them through the briars. In doing so he allowed their perceptions to grow and if any of them wanted to leave they would not be able to led others back into Camelot. Camelot was built on the concepts of chivalry, the knight and the Fair Maiden. It was a society where ever one was equal.

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