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By Jeffrey Paul McMahon

GENRE: Action, Comedy

When a ‘dumb blonde’, would-be romance writer sets out to get what she wants and ‘reclaims’ a diamond bracelet from her philandering husband’s lover, she discovers she’s not so dumb after all ... and gets what she really needs.


Hopeless romantic and stay-at-home wife Phoebe feels that at thirty years she wants ‘fulfilment’. However, husband Claude, a less than successful lawyer, insists she wait until his investment plans bear fruit. So she sits at her computer feigning to write the next blockbuster romance and compensates for her frustration with retail therapy – which Claude regards as an addiction.

When Phoebe discovers a fabulous, diamond encrusted bracelet hidden in a drawer in their en-suite, she assumes it is meant for her.

At a dinner party, Phoebe has a near heart attack on seeing the bracelet being worn by a business woman, Pauline, with whom Claude is supposedly negotiating a PR deal for her risqué lifestyle center called 'Aerotique' which she operates with her ‘brother’ David. Phoebe is even more peeved to learn later that the bracelet has no sentimental value for Pauline - it’s merely another article in her cache, hidden away in her bedroom!

When Claude flies to Las Vegas to promote a new Aerotique franchise, Phoebe decides she’ll purchase her own bracelet - only to find that Claude had cancelled all the credit cards to which she had access.

To hell with him! With a rush of blood, Phoebe she sets that night to 'reclaim' what she figures is rightfully hers. But her plans go astray when she is thwarted by Bruce, Pauline’s jilted former lover and ‘investor’, on the same mission. But when Pauline returns home during the heist, chaos reigns in the darkened house. Pauline is concussed, Phoebe loses her car keys to Bruce, takes possession of the bracelet, makes good her escape, and leaves the Bruce to cope as best he can with a battered and unconscious former lover.

Although not the sharpest tool in the shed, Bruce cunningly finds a way to make contact with Phoebe hoping to set up a fair exchange; the keys for the bracelet – and in the process unwittingly exposes her to Claude's indiscretion with Pauline. With her marriage kaput, Phoebe discovers a latent independence and, determined to retain the bracelet, sets out on a mission to confront Bruce and secure her potentially incriminating keys.

A cat and mouse escapade ensues involving a duo of detectives from Santa Monica PD, Pauline and her 'brother/husband/partner in crime' David, as well as Phoebe and her loveable German Shepherd dog, Baby. In a turn of events, culminating in an 'arrest' atop the Big Pacific Wheel on the Santa Monica pier, the dirty deeds of Pauline and David are revealed, Claude is exposed for the dolt he is and Bruce is back where he started, with nothing - until Phoebe offers him the bracelet for all his 'troubles'.

Phoebe no longer wants those material things any more than she wants ‘fulfilment’. Now she possesses what she actually needs; all the material imaginable for her blockbuster novel... a farce naturally.


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Nathaniel Baker

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Nathaniel Baker

LOVE IT!!!!!!

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