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By Spike Thurbon

GENRE: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, War

1940. Following the death of her family, Martha, 14, is evacuated from blitz-ravaged London, to the rural Midlands, where she finds herself enlisted in an ancient coven of witches, the front-line of defence, against the Luftwaffe’s Blitz-Krieg.


September, 1940. As London is decimated, over seven consecutive nights of Nazi aerial bombing-raids, MARTHA MULBERRY, 14, is evacuated following the destruction her home, in East London. Her family, with the exception of her GRAMPA MONTGOMERY, have all been killed in the blast. Numb from her loss, she boards a train with thousands of others, each with their own tragic story, heading for the rural expanses of the British Midlands. Collected from the local station of Pipplington by the jovial MRS. HATTIE HONEYRUMP, alongside her newly found travelling companion LUCINDA “CINDERS” TATTERSHAWL, 12, Martha is taken to the peculiar and secluded hamlet of Shrubbleford-on-the-Warren, meeting TOSSTLE TROTT, 15, along the way. Still grieving for the loss of her family and home, Martha begins to notice the peculiar habits and routines of the villagers, not to mention the eccentric animals and beguiling garden gnomes! With many of the country’s men enlisted in the armed services, her new home is a predominantly female community, each with their own key attributes and roles in holding the community together. Through curiosity, a welcome distraction from her recent loss, Martha and Cinders, explore their new world, and begin to piece together, what they believe to be, a sinister coven of ancient witches. Martha plots her escape, but soon discovers, The BLUEBIRDS are not your average witches! PITCH: Call the Midwife meets Wind in the Willows via The Worst Witch.

Varun Prabhu

I must say this is an interesting concept..Would love to see how it plays out..

Alessandro Fricano Gagliardo


John MacNeil

Nice work!

Eric Alagan

I agree with VB - great concept.

Jorge J Prieto

I like the so far what I've read. Congrats and thanks for the invite. Lots of luck!

Mark LaFever

Spike - great idea! I would definitely watch this. Best of luck!

Christopher Chance

I read part of your script - imaginative names; I like 'Honeyrump'. I don't like pointing out people's mistakes - I make too many of my own, but I use this as my bible. Take a look at the FORMAT PAGE:

Kevin Dombrowski

Pretty interesting concept. Feels very anime inspired. I'll read the script later but, as a suggestion, you might want to tighten up your logline some. My suggestion: "Following the death of her family, a young girl is evacuated from blitz-ravaged London where she finds herself enlisted in an ancient coven of witches against the Luftwaffe’s Blitz-Krieg." When you say "blitz-ravaged London" we know you're talking WW2, so we don't need the year, putting in character names seems to be a no-no for logline from everything I've read (because it's meaningless to the reader), and I cut the other tiny details which, while nice, unnecessarily lengthen the logline because they don't tell us anything critical.

George Xoulogis

So nicely done! really looking forward to see it on screen Spike! ;-)

William G Chandler Jr

Wild story.

Catherine Archer-Wills

Brilliant! A great idea and an engaging take on it - I'd love to see this film! :-)

Sandra Webb Smith

Very engrossing! I'd like to see on screen as well. How's it coming along?

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