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By Stevan Šerban

GENRE: Sci-fi

/New York Screenplay Contest finalist 2013./
When an alien space cop discovers a frightening plot to invade the Earth he must confront the invaders who destroyed his planet in order to save humanity and the human woman he loves.


PROTECTORS OF THE SPECIES Stevan Šerban Feature-length film – synopsis VELES and BALSUM, members of an elite intergalactic unit, the Protectors of the Species, are on a secret mission to Earth. They uncover a diabolical plan hatched by a greedy cabal calling itself the Golden Billion, to undermine a barter agreement signed between Earth and the Council that rules over the entire known universe. While he and his comrade-at-arms Balsum are awaiting recall to their units to receive new orders, Veles learns from the Earth government vice-president that a report they filed never reached the Council. As a penalty for its supposed breach of contract, the Council decrees that Earth must give up twelve billion of its total thirteen billion inhabitants to work as slave labour in mines owned at the other end of the universe by a race of space Amazons, the Kashiga. After twenty years on Earth, and with a failed marriage and two children to show for it, Veles risks his military career and stays on Earth with Balsum to try to foil this heinous and underhand crime against the human race. As an experienced fighter, forced to improvise, Veles comes up with a solution which involves the Earth shield that has been constructed and is soon to be activated, originally intended to protect Earth from increasing cosmic radiation and devised by his ex-wife LADA. This shield not only protects Earth against radiation but could also be used to prevent the teleporting of humans into the Kashiga ships. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the transfer goes smoothly, the Kashiga have sent an advance party to Earth in the form of lieutenant Rugoba and her unit. Rugoba is an old enemy of Veles', who dreams of one day mating with him to produce superior offspring. However she does not know that Veles is on Earth. The members of the Golden Billion withdraw to their shelters for safety while the Kashiga do their dirty work and leave the planet to the chosen Billion. Veles prevents Rugoba and her unit disabling the shield. With the help of his father, who is also Lada’s stepfather, General Gardner, they succeed in activating the shield before the Kashiga ships arrive. Rugoba kidnaps Veles’s and Lada’s daughter and for her safe return not only demands the disk that will deactivate the Earth shield, but also that Veles finally mate with her. The blackmail forces the hand of the Earth government and they agree to the exchange. Rugoba deactivates the shield and begins the teleporting of people to the Kashiga ships. With the help of Balsum and General Gardner, Lada goes to Alaska, the only location from which the shield can be manually activated, and succeeds in turning it on. Rugoba is preparing to mate with Veles on her ship when she learns that the shield has been reactivated and heads for Alaska. In the battle with Rugoba and her unit for control over the transmitter that keeps the shield active, General Gardner dies. Veles lies drugged in Rugoba’s bed on her ship, while Lada fights Rugoba, realising that she has never stopped loving her former husband. Veles uses every ounce of his strength to resist the effects of the drug that Rugoba has used on him and saves Lada in her unevenly-matched fight with Rugoba. Rugoba flees, defeated, from the battlefield. The shield stays up and a ship of the Intergalactic Council arrives in Earth orbit. The Council has finally received Veles’ report on the deliberate undermining of the agreement, but does not revoke the penalty entirely – it demands that one billion of the Earth’s inhabitants must be given up to the Kashiga instead of the original twelve billion. The government of Earth agrees to this and delivers the members of the Golden Billion to the Kashiga. US Copyright Registration Number VA 1-888-522


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