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By Shafiq Ahmad Setak

GENRE: Action, Drama, Romance

Killing the killer of his father, a young actor escapes his hometown in disguise and works as a female massage therapist in a modern Spa becoming the ideal service giver for a pretty princess who may discover his real identity at any given moment.


Haron, a 52 year old chiropractor and massage therapist lives with his wife, a 22 year old son, Adam, and a teenage daughter in the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah during the era of the Prophet Lot. Mr. Haron has his private spa and massage therapy clinic that is flourishing day by day. Adam doesn’t like to take up the profession of his father even though he has learnt many things about massage therapy working part time at his father Spa. Instead, he wants to be a good actor in the main theater of the city. Thus, he studies acting as well as starts taking private lessons of effective sword-fighting and horse riding under the mentorship of Isaac, a retired army officer who is the father of his best friend, Joseph. Having a very attractive complexion like that of a woman, Adam is given mostly the role of a female actor to play during his practical studies in college. Mr. Ariel, an old friend of Mr. Haron, visits him in his office and asks him about his son and what is he currently doing? Mr. Haron says that Adam is following his own goals and interest in acting. So he must be somewhere rehearsing a play or practicing horse riding or sword fighting. Adam is shown in the college theater rehearsing his role as a just and brave princess of the old days who is good at horse riding and sword fighting and who quite often gets out in disguise to help the poor and play a positive role in keeping the neighborhoods of her city safe. Herod, the 28 years old homosexual son of the corrupt mayor of the city who sees our attractive hero, orders his men to bring Adam to his farmhouse. So Adam is taken there one afternoon. Herod suggests that Adam work as his personal bodyguard. But he rejects the offer. Herod gets angry and tries to keep Adam in his farmhouse at night. Adam wants to get out of the room, but Herod tears his shirt from the back with his sword. Adam manages to get the sword from his rival and escape from the farmhouse after injuring two guards and ripping Herod’s pant. At night, Herod and his men attack Mr. Haron’s house to capture Adam. The son and the father fight bravely, but Mr. Haron is injured very badly trying to protect his wife and daughter. Adam comes to save him. The father insists his son to take his mother and sister to safety without being concerned about him. Otherwise, the entire family members will be dead. Through the basement of the house which has a secret door leading to his father’s office in the Spa, Adam takes his mother and sister to his friend’s house and comes back to help his father. But, he finds him dead in a destroyed and burnt house. He rides his horse and goes to the mayor’s farmhouse to revenge. Killing a few guards and men, he finds Herod and kills him. He goes back to his friend, Joseph who tells Adam not to get out for a few days until the mayor’s men and spies get tired of searching for him. Joseph helps his friend Adam with her mother and sister to move to the country’s capital city where his influential merchant uncle, Mr. Job, lives. Mr. Job, who has a beautiful daughter, has earned a great fortune by being involved in the business of silk and cotton production. Adam disguises himself as a young woman by the name of NASU and travels with his mother and sister to the city of Sodom. His friend, Joseph also comes with them and introduces Adam who is now Nasu to his uncle as his love and would be wife who is a very good massage therapist. So his uncle recommends Nasu to an exclusive female Spa of the city where he works as a massage therapist in disguise and becomes the ideal service-giver to the beautiful daughter of the King, Princess CLARA and the young wife of the State’s Head of Security Service, Lady LARA who is said to have an insatiable appetite for sex and a deep passion for raising horses and other unique species in her father’s private small zoo. One day when Princess Clara is having massage at the Spa, a notorious thief by the name of ALERON attacks the Spa to rob the princess and her entourage who wear a lot of gold and jewelry. But, Nasu saves the Princess by helping her bodyguards in the fight against the outlaws. As a result, Aleron and most of his men are killed. Nasu gradually gets tired of living in disguise and cheating the princess and many other women in the Spa. Psychologically, he is not relieved and cannot make up his mind whether to quit or to continue working at the Spa. He wants to start his normal life living as a man, but the fear of being captured by the unjust authorities and leaving his mother and sister with nobody to take care of stops him from quitting his job. This cycle continues till the day when a very expensive and antique necklace of Princess Clara who has come for a massage to the Spa is lost. The Princess gets very angry and orders her guards not to let anybody get out of the Spa without being searched thoroughly. Upon hearing this announcement, Nasu starts to sweat and become pale. Suddenly, he imagines that his real sex and identity have been discovered and he is lift on the gallows to be hanged until death. But, he seeks the mercy of God from the core of his heart and luckily, before Nasu’s turn comes to go to the special room to take off his clothes to be searched, one of the staff of the Spa announces that she has found the necklace from under the bench of the exclusive Sauna which is always used by the Princess. Adam stops going to the Spa. But, Lady Lara sends a letter to him to come to her residence on the weekend and give her a massage. Now Adam, who still appears in the public eyes as Nasu, finds himself in another predicament. But before this appointment, Lady Lara goes to her private small zoo to watch birds and some of the animals she loves most. She goes to take a look at the fine breeds of horses and donkeys in their stables and barns. The man in-charge of taking care of them informs the lady that one of her male donkeys has been losing weight in spite of being fed and taken care of very well. She asks the man about the reason behind the weakness of the animal. He says that the animal eats well and nobody rides it, except one of her maidservants who comes sometimes to feed the animals and clean the floor of their barn. However, he doesn’t know the reason as to why this particular donkey is getting weaker day by day. Lady Lara suspects that someone is taking advantage of the poor animal. She orders the stable man to inform her whenever her maidservant comes to the barn. She also orders the man to make two to three small holes on different parts of the barn door. On Saturday morning, Lady Lara is informed that the stable man wants to see her in person to deliver an important message. She gets out of her luxury mansion ordering her guards not to accompany her. The stableman takes her to the barn where the donkeys are kept. She takes a look inside from one of the holes already made on the big door of the barn and sees her closest maidservant sleeping on a bench under the feet of one of the donkeys holding from the animal’s penis and helping it to perform the services of a man. The maidservant has trained the donkey to fuck her while she puts a carved part of a gourd on top of her vagina to prevent the animal from inserting its penis completely inside her pussy since the donkey’s anatomy is larger. Now Lady Lara sees this clearly, but instead of rebuking and punishing her maidservant for her wrong and unethical act, she decides to try it herself. She calls her maid to come and take a message to the princess. The maidservant gets up from the bench without having been satisfied and completing her orgasm for finding her safety and reputation at stake. She hides the gourd flange under a pile of hays and puts the bench in one of the corners of the barn. As soon the maid is gone, Lady Lara wants to satiate her greed for sex and orgasm. Without the gourd flange, she sleeps on the bench taking the penis of the animal that has already been in full erection because of incomplete intercourse with the maid. She rubs the head of the donkey’s dick on the clitoris of her vagina to arouse herself and the animal to start the job. Since for months, the donkey hasn’t been able to insert its penis into the vagina of the maidservant completely, before long the donkey fucks very hard inserting its full penis into Lady Lara’s vagina puncturing her intestines. As a result, the greedy woman dies on the spot. When the maidservant comes back to inform her lady of taking her message to the royal place, she finds her in a bath of blood with no movement. The maid sarcastically pronounces this statement “You fool, stupid greedy woman, you saw the penis, but you did not see the gourd”. The head of the country’s security service is informed of the fate of his wife and tries to bury the issue, but the king knows everything and he finds no way but to resign because of the scandal. Joseph is informed by his uncle that his dream girl, Nasu, has quit her job and it’s the right time for him to come and get married to her. Joseph goes to Sodom and meets Adam. Meanwhile Joseph’s uncle tells him that he is going to go to Hebron on a trip both on business and for pleasure taking his daughter. Joseph says that he also wants to go with them and he will take his beloved Nasu and her family members for a change. Mr. Job who is a kind man agrees to what Joseph suggests. Their caravan starts the journey of going to Hebron. On the way to Hebron, Mr. Job’s caravan is attacked by some robbers. His men with the help of Joseph and Adam (NASU) who is still in disguise as a woman repel the robbers’ attack killing most of them and forcing the rest to escape. While Mr. Job stands on guard to protect his daughter, he comments about Nasu’s great style of fighting and using the swords saying to his daughter that “this young lady is fighting even better than a man.” However, Nasu’s real identity is exposed during the fight against the outlaws as the long artificial hair fells from her head and her shirt is torn from several places which make his manhood completely visible to Mr. Job and his daughter. Mr. Job gets a little angry with Joseph because of his hiding the identity of Adam from him. But, Joseph narrates a brief history of Adam’s life and the difficult circumstances that he had gone through. Mr. Job is satisfied and upon entering the suburbs of Hebron, he says to Adam that he no longer needs to stay in disguise. So it is better to bring Adam back to life. This gives Adam the chance to wear one of her nice clothes. Mr. Job’s beautiful daughter is mesmerized by the natural beauty of Adam and she falls in love with him. Adam finds a job as an actor in one of the theaters in Hebron. Before long he becomes a famous celebrity. He settles in Hebron with his mother and sister. Mr. Job finishes his business there and goes back to Sodom with his daughter and Joseph. A few days later, he finds his daughter very depressed. Asking the reason, he finds out the she is in love with Adam. Being a good father, he brings his daughter back to Hebron on his next trip and asks Adam to marry her. Joseph, who has sold his house and properties in Gomorrah, also comes to Hebron and attends Adam’s wedding ceremony. At the night of the wedding reception, Joseph proposes Adam’s sister for marriage and they enjoy the pleasure of having two wedding receptions instead of one. Thus, both friends get married and settle in Hebron living happily thereafter.

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