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By Heather Pierson

GENRE: Independent, Other

Two people who rebel against their fucked- up Hippie upbringing, find each other, and endeavor to raise a family in a more traditional sense, only to realize they are the ones who are fucked up.


Scene One

Int. Car

Female hand reaches for the car radio, and turns it on hand resting on knob. Song comes on the radio Fleet Foxes, Winter Hymnal. as soon as song starts we cut to 50 year old man, in an old T-shirt and hawaiian swim trunks, has a drink in one hand, multiple bottles of prescription pills are on the counter, next to a large bottle of tequila.

I was following, the

I was following, the

I was following, the

I was following, the

Man picks up one bottle looks in to see its mostly full, label reads ambien, empties bottle into his mouth, and washes it down with the drink, and pours another

I was following the pack

I was following the coats

With scarves of red tied round their throats

Michael picks up the next bottle labeled norco looks in, and see its mostly full, empties it into his mouth and washes it down with glass of tequila.

to keep their little heads

from falling in the snow

and I turned round and there you would go

Michael stumble over to computer screen reads:


Please take good care of the boys, call Kevin, and will help you execute the will. Take care of the boys, there is plenty of money in the life insurance policy I love you very much, I am so sorry

Michael begins to type screen is coming in and out of focus, I ldkfjd dkalfjd fla;a;a;aa;jkd v d8er7eq9pr7q4731 zzzz

He loses his balance and crashes to the floor, hitting his head, and a pool of blood starts to spread

and Michael you would fall

and turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime

cut back to female hand on radio knob, becomes less and less visible through smoke in the car, and Heather slumps back on to drivers side chair


desert, car in middle of shrub as sun sets see tubing leading from exhaust to window of car...

fade out

That is what I have for my first scene.....have I hooked you? Do you want to know the rest of the story?

LB McGill


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