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By Suzanne Lutas

GENRE: Sci-fi

When a stubborn princess is forcibly shapeshifted and cast to the farthest planet, she must team up with a rogue bounty hunter to steal an antidote and return home in time to stop the death of worlds.


Undercover of an arranged marriage and political maneuvering, the story relates the journey of PRINCESS DESTINY, whose only ambition is to become -- an acrobat!

For only the Circus world gives her a sense of belonging. Now, forcibly shapeshifted and teleported away by ARKON, a scheming Prime Minister, she must strive to find a shapeshifter and convince the people of what she is -- only to discover who she is inside, and what home means.

But let’s go back to the start of Destiny's misadventures. It all began when she is stranded on Earth and realizes that she has been morphed into an alien girl, half her age! Welcomed by a motley bunch of outcast teenagers, she learns how to survive and discovers what life outside her castle really is. In their eyes, Destiny is just another outsider like them, even though she is shy about integrating herself, and fancies she is a princess. However, Destiny understands that the self-control she has been taught at the hard circus school is not meant to repress feelings or emotions in real life, so she humbles herself. Now, despite her gymnast aptitude still anchored to her, Destiny feels awkward in her new body. And, she wrongly prioritizes her need for a shapeshifter!

After she meets ETHAN SPADER, Destiny tricks him in a poker game to win his loyalty. Hence, Ethan must help Destiny break into the most sophisticated vault in the galaxy and steal the shapeshifter serum she wants. Even if he can’t fathom how she can act so grown-up, and how she can devise what seems like the perfect heist plan. Even so, the operation encounters complications, and they barely escape with their lives. Moreover, Destiny realizes that the serum is useless without a DNA chip held by Arkon, back on her home planet!

Therefore, to persuade Ethan to fly her home so she can convince her father about both Arkon’s duplicity, and her real identity, Destiny reveals her royal status and actual age. Ethan doesn’t believe her. He takes his reward and leaves her on her own.

Destiny is at a loss, all the more so as she learns that Arkon now deputizes her father who is in a coma! This is a terrible eye-opener for her. Worried sick, she deeply regrets having disobeyed him, and having run away from her obligations. As she desperately looks for a way to get back home in time to set things right and prevent war, no matter her appearance, she is chased by two groups of goons, who are after her for the shape-shifter serum, and the poker money. While she manages to fend them off, Ethan realizes he cares for Destiny and decides to fly her to Stellanor. She hides her burgeoning feelings for him as they race back home.

Since Destiny has learnt that it is neither the vessel that counts but its engine, nor the body envelope that matters but its soul, she is now more concerned with the cure Arkon actually has for her father than the DNA chip he offers her. Nothing but a devious strategy to thwart the Intergalactic Alliance and marry her. Then, Arkon challenges Ethan who ends up in a circus ring, fighting tigers. Destiny smartly convinces the circus performers that she is the actual princess and gets their help to save Ethan. Soon after, both Destiny and Ethan capture Arkon. After that, Destiny morphs back to her true form -- much to the king’s joy, and Ethan’s amazement!

Still, Destiny resolves she must go through with the arranged marriage to PRINCE GAVIN for the sake of the Alliance and the greater good, sacrificing her two passions, Ethan and the circus. Her father is proud of her. Ethan storms off with an inexplicable pang.

A miserable Destiny reaches the altar fo find Prince Gavin, exulting. The contrast urges the king to question the arranged marriage as a symbol of universal concord. Hence, professing that love is the root to everything, Destiny persuades the Prince to plant a tree instead, which is as satisfying as wildly acclaimed. Now confident about the future of the galaxy, the king allows Destiny to catch up with the Intergalactic Circus Tour. During a stopover, as Destiny prepares her equipment for a show, humming Ethan’s favorite song, she hears a voice echoing the tune behind her. Holding her breath, Destiny turns and sees Ethan’s most winning smile.

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